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SNAPPLE CRANBERRY RASPBERRY JUICE DRINK, both regular and Diet, is no longer OK certified and will not bear the OK symbol. Older product … (read more…)

2015-3-19 (read more…)

The Vaad Harabbonim presents the online PesachGram.

Click on the online PesachGram to the left for … (read more…)

Pesach kashering services for utensils are available as follows:


Young Israel of … (read more…)

A contract for the sale of chometz under Rav Doniel Neustadt, Chairman of the Vaad Harabbonim of Greater Detroit, is available to download.

For … (read more…)

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Pesach begins Friday night, April 3.
Halachos of Pesach
First Seder: Friday evening, April 3
Kosher Retail Establishments
Check out the K-COR certified kosher dining and beverage establishments in the Greater Detroit area!
Guide to the Beis Din
Learn more about the Rabbinic Court and the services it provides!