Noam Detroit

Social Services Division

What is Noam Detroit?

Mission of Noam Detroit

Noam Detroit is dedicated to strengthening individual and family life in the Detroit Orthodox Jewish community through education, support services, and advocacy.

Under the direction of Rabbi Shmuel Zimmerman (258-559-5005 x105, or, Noam Detroit is the Social Services Division of the Council of Orthodox Rabbis of Greater Detroit. Although the majority of people who approach Noam Detroit for help are from the Detroit Orthodox Jewish community, services are available to those in need – regardless of religious observance or location.


The Orthodox community’s rabbinic leadership created Noam Detroit in order to fill a tremendous need. While our community is blessed with many social service agencies and mental health professionals who do an excellent job providing for the general community’s social service needs, it became apparent that the Orthodox community was not fully taking advantage of those resources. For a host of reasons, including concerns about privacy and religious accommodation, many people were falling through the cracks, unable to connect to the myriad of wonderful resources that are available to them.

To address this issue, the rabbinic leadership of Detroit requested of the Vaad Harabbonim, the Council of Orthodox Rabbis, to create a division within the Vaad dedicated to connecting members of the Orthodox community to the available resources. Thus Noam Detroit, the social services division of the Council of Orthodox Rabbis, began – charged with the mandate to strengthen family and individual life in the Detroit Orthodox Jewish community by connecting to affordable, quality, and religiously-appropriate mental health and social service resources.

Programs and Services

Noam Detroit services are divided into four areas:


Referral services involve connecting clients to appropriate mental health and social service professionals; ensuring that services are affordable, quality, and sensitive to clients’ religious and cultural needs; and supporting clients’ service enrollment processes.

Rabbinic Support

Rabbinic Support offers rabbinic guidance and encouragement to individuals and families, religious and cultural sensitivity guidance for mental health and social service providers, and rabbinic case work support for clients enrolled in those services.

Community Education

Community Education provides for the arrangement of community lectures, group seminars, and support groups in order to address social, physical, and mental wellbeing issues in the Orthodox Jewish community.

Family Resources

Family Resources connects families with opportunities to enhance parenting skills, marital harmony, curricular and extracurricular options for youth, senior care options, senior caregiver support, financial management skills, vocational education, and job search resources.

To connect with Noam Detroit, contact Rabbi Shmuel Zimmerman, Director:
(248) 559 – 5005 ext. 105 or