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Important Reminder

Many members of the community subscribe to Amazon Pantry, Amazon Subscribe & Save, and other recurring product delivery subscription services from drug stores and other retailers.

Please review (and if necessary, change) your subscriptions to ensure that no chometz will be delivered to your home during Pesach.

Important Reminder

In light of the tragic, fatal house fire that took place in New York this past Shabbos, the Vaad Harabbonim reminds the community of the paramount importance of fire safety.

Smoke detectors can save lives. Every home should ensure that smoke detectors with working batteries are installed on every floor of the house. Batteries should be tested every six months and replaced every year.

Care should be taken to keep heating devices, such as hotplates, away from flammable materials.

From the cRC:

Last Update: 03/17/15
Starbucks VIA coffee is not certified for Passover.

2015-3-19 Kashrus Alerts are available for PDF download.

Please note the alert regarding iceberg lettuce infestation.

These Kashrus alerts include several alerts for Pesach:

CERES JUICE BLENDS are certified for Pesach only when bearing a P next to the Star-K symbol. Some packages of Ceres Mango and Ceres Medley of Fruits do not bear a P and are not Pesach certified. The Mango variety without the P was mistakenly sold in the One Stop Pesach section for a short time.

PARCHMENT PAPER: Not all brands of Star-K certified parchment paper are acceptable for Pesach this year; only those listed in the Star-K Pesach directory. (Information published to the contrary is not up to date.) – Several OU brands are also listed in the PesachGram.

HILL’S PRESCRIPTION DIET PET FOODS: Some varieties have been reformulated and now contain chometz, although they are listed in the Star-K Pesach directory. The following cat and dog foods may contain chometz: “c/d”, and “k/d”. Star-K advises consumers to check for chometz listed on the ingredient panel. If it lists chometz ingredients, including wheat or oat derivatives, it should be put away and sold with the rest of the chometz. If it lists both meat and dairy ingredients, it may not be used all year round.

FIT FRUIT & VEGETABLE WASH: The OU has informed us that this product, which is listed in the OU Pesach Guide, contains kitniyos, and may be used on Pesach provided that one makes sure to thoroughly rinse the produce afterwards.


MAXI-HEALTH has three OU-P products this year: “Stomach & Acid” antacid, “Active Lax” laxative and “Maxi Calm” relaxing formula.

The Vaad Harabbonim presents the online PesachGram.

Click on the online PesachGram to the left for full screen view.

The PesachGram may take a moment to load and appear.

A PDF version of the PesachGram is also available for download:

PesachGram PDF

Pesach kashering services for utensils are available as follows:


Young Israel of Southfield
Sunday, March 29 from 8:45am to 10:45am

Young Israel of Oak Park
Sunday, March 29 from 10:00am to 12:00pm

K-COR Information for Pesach 5775 / 2015

Welcome to

An online version of the PesachGram will be posted when it becomes available. To sign up for email alerts and updates, use the sign up form at the top-right portion of this page.

Pesach 5775 / 2015 begins at sundown on Friday evening, April 3.

Oak Park and
West Bloomfield
Candle Lighting 7:42pm 7:43pm
Latest time to eat chometz
Magen Avraham (72 min.) 11:04am 11:05am
Magen Avraham (72 deg.) 10:59am 11:00am
Gra & Baal HaTanya 11:28am 11:29am
Latest time to burn chometz
Magen Avraham (72 min.) 12:20pm 12:21pm
Magen Avraham (72 deg.) 12:18pm 12:18pm
Gra & Baal HaTanya 12:32pm 12:33pm