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Beis Din Division
Council of Orthodox Rabbis of Greater Detroit
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Conversion to Orthodox Judaism

Prior to submitting the application for Conversion to Judaism, prospective applicants should carefully review the online Guide to Geirus (conversion) as well as the entire Conversion Application document. The document, available as a PDF download under the green “Conversion” button to the left, includes the
requisite instructions and forms for initiating the geirus process.

Dinei Torah: Mediation and Arbitration

Please complete this form to open a case with the Beth Din of the Vaad Harabonim. The cost of initiating a Din Torah is $150.00. This fee is meant to cover administrative costs and is not applied to the time spent on hearing and deciding the Din Torah.
Formal Beis Din Arbitration consists of one or three arbitrators. The appropriate form must be completed prior to arbitration. Arbitration is available for a fee See Fee Schedule.


Estate Planning, Wills, and Halacha: A Practical Guide to Hilchos Yerusha
by Rabbi Ari Marburger
Civil Litigation, Insurance Claims, and Halachah: A Practical Guide to Hilchos Arkaos
by Rabbi Ari Marburger

Michigan Halachic Medical Directive

Proxy and Directive with Respect to Health Care Decisions and Postmortem Decisions

Iska Contracts based on Heter Iska

Pruzbul 5782