Beis Din

Guide to the Beis Din: Judicial Domain

Guide to the Beis Din

The Beis Din is a rabbinic court that administers halacha (Jewish law) in several categories of Jewish life. This guide offers a basic understanding of Beis Din operations. For specific questions, please contact the Council of Orthodox Rabbis, extension 101.

Judicial Domain of the Beis Din

A Beis Din is a court of Jewish law that is administered by knowledgeable Dayanim. In Detroit, the Beis Din administers halacha in three areas.

Dinei Torah

Dinei Torah, or dispute adjudication: in accordance with Jewish law, an individual who wishes to bring a dispute (ex., monetary claim) to court must bring the case before a Beis Din. The Beis Din is generally comprised of three knowledgeable dayanim.


Geirus, or conversion to Judaism, requires the oversight of the Jewish court. The conversion process is intensive; prospective converts must learn all relevant areas of Jewish law and commit to practicing in accordance with halacha.


Gittin, or divorce proceedings, must occur under the strict oversight of the appointed mesader gittin of the Beis Din of Greater Detroit, Rabbi Yisroel M. Levin, Rabbi of Beth Tefillah Emanuel Tikvah. Rabbi Levin is the only rabbi in Michigan authorized by the Beis Din to arrange a get.