From the cRc:

The downloadable PDF of the full cRc Starbucks list has been updated for this year.

June 30, 2015

After extensive research, a newly updated Starbucks list has been compiled by the cRc. The following are some of the changes from the previous list:

  1. The cRc now can recommend getting a latte in any location as long as one orders a “kiddie latte” – which means to order it prepared at 115 degree Fahrenheit.
  2. For those that do not use regular milk, in addition to soy milk, there is also coconut milk available under the OU.
  3. Cold brew coffee (a new item) presents a kashrus issue due to kovush.
  4. Teavana teas are mostly not yet kosher certified but they are slowly working towards becoming certified. Of course plain, unflavored tea does not need a hechsher.
  5. Clover coffee can be ordered if one asks the Barista to use wooden sticks instead of the metal whisk.

The list and articles related to cRc ‘s Starbucks research can be found at