2019-6-26 Kashrus Alerts PDF available for download.

ICE CREAM and FROZEN YOGURT STORES often claim that they are Kosher and post Kosher certification letters, which leads consumers to believe that the store and its products are under supervision. In fact, in most cases, the letters refer only to specific products or ingredients which are factory produced under supervision, and are certified only when in their original sealed packaging bearing Kosher marking. Once the unsupervised store opens the packaging, the certification is no longer valid. Unless the consumer verifies that there is actual on-site reliable Rabbinical supervision of the entire individual retail store, no ice cream, yogurt, syrups or toppings should be considered Kosher except for those in their original sealed containers bearing a reliable Kosher certification.

The following are some stores in our area that are not under supervision: TCBY, Haagen-Dazs, Sweet Earth, Menchie’s, and Macy’s Fruigurt.

It is always preferable to buy at fully supervised stores. Locally, soft serve Cholov Yisroel ice cream is available at Jerusalem Pizza. Hard pack non-Cholov Yisroel ice cream and yogurt is available at Baskin-Robbins/Dunkin’ Donuts at 10 Mile & Greenfield in Oak Park (which is K-COR certified for all products). Packaged Cholov Yisroel ice cream is available at One Stop Kosher Food Market.

If it is necessary to purchase hard pack ice cream or yogurt from an unsupervised store, the consumer should request and see a sealed container before it is opened, and check for the Kosher certification mark on the container. In addition, the scoop should be thoroughly washed.

Soft serve ice cream or yogurt should not be purchased from an unsupervised store, because of the inability to verify that Kosher mix was put into the machine.

LAWRY’S SEASONINGS: Most, but not all, Lawry’s seasonings are OU certified. The certified items normally bear the OU symbol. However, there are some certified items that do not bear the OU. If you wish to verify the Kosher status of a Lawry’s product that does not bear an OU, contact the OU at 212-613-8241 or kosherq@ou.org and give the product name and UPC number. (If the OU confirms that it is certified, please call 800-9-LAWRYS to request that the manufacturer place the OU symbol on the label.) – Please note that Lawry’s Garlic Spread, which does not bear an OU, lists parmesan cheese and is not Kosher.

APPLE & EVE JUICE BOXES 36 COUNT VARIETY PACK: Most Apple & Eve juices, except grape, are OU certified and bear the OU symbol. However, some 36 Count Variety Packs that state Made in Canada are not certified and do not bear the OU. They are sold at Costco and Sam’s Club. Always check for the OU symbol.

QUAKER CHEWY GRANOLA BARS 58 COUNT VARIETY PACK: Many, but not all, varieties of Quaker Chewy Granola Bars are OU certified and bear the OU symbol. Among the non-certified varieties are S’mores and Peanut Butter Marshmallow, which contain gelatin. One type of 58 Count Variety Pack sold online, with UPC # 0 30000 56759 3, contains these two non-certified varieties, but mistakenly bears an OU symbol on the outer package. This is unauthorized. Other types of 58 Count Variety Packs sold online that bear an OU are authorized.

SABRA FOOD PRODUCTS from SABRA FOODS, NORWOOD, MA 02062 (manufactured by International Food Products, Inc., dba Sabra Foods), including Hummus, Baba Ghanoush, Tahini Sauce, Tabouli, Black Bean & Wheat Pilaf, Grape Leaves, Cracked Wheat Salad, and Mediterranean Salad, bear an unauthorized KVH. ** PLEASE NOTE: This company is not affiliated with Sabra Dippng Co., LLC, White Plains, NY, which remains under OK / Rabbi Weissmandl certification for most of its hummus and guacamole products. [See following item.]

SABRA GUACAMOLE WITH TOSTITOS ROLLS TORTILLA CHIPS from Sabra Dippng Co., LLC, White Plains, NY: Please be aware that this product does not bear the OK and Rabbi Weissmandl certifications that appear on most Sabra Dipping Co. products, and is not recommended.

MALT-O-MEAL CEREALS: The OU certifies some, but not all, Malt-O-Meal cereals. The products that are certified have an OU symbol printed directly on the box. Royal Imports, an importer in Kfar Hanina, Israel, is importing products and placing stickers with an OU symbol on them, whether or not the products are certified. Consumers should not rely on any stickers placed on products imported into Israel unless the OU symbol is also part of the original product packaging.

GIANT and STOP & SHOP MOZZARELLA STICKS, sold in Giant and Stop & Shop supermarkets, are not certified by the OU. Some boxes bear an unauthorized OU symbol.


EXPANDED FLOUR RECALL: The following three brands of flour in 5 lb. bags, all supplied by an ADM Milling Co. production facility in Buffalo, N.Y., have been recalled due to potential presence of E. coli bacteria: King Arthur Unbleached All-Purpose Flour [6 specific lot codes, distributed nationwide]; Pillsbury Best Bread Flour [2 specific lot codes, distributed in 10 states, not including Michigan]; and ALDI’s Baker’s Corner All Purpose Flour [all lot codes, distributed in 11 states, not including Michigan]. Details are available at https://www.fda.gov/food/outbreaks-foodborne-illness/outbreak-investigation-e-coli-o26-linked-adm-milling-co-flour-may-2019 or at 866-797-9178 / 866-219-9333 / 800-422-1688 respectively.

The FDA and CDC remind consumers not to consume any raw products made with flour. Flour is made from wheat that is grown outdoors where bacteria are often present, and is typically not treated to kill bacteria during the normal milling process. Anything made with flour must be cooked or baked before eating. All surfaces, hands and utensils should be properly cleaned after contact with flour or dough.

PARENT’S CHOICE ADVANTAGE INFANT FORMULA MILK-BASED POWDER WITH IRON 35 oz., lot code C26EVFV, sold exclusively at Walmart, is being recalled because of the potential presence of metal foreign matter. Details are available at https://investor.perrigo.com/press-releases or 866-629-6181.