2020-1-28 KosherGram PDF available for download.

TRADER JOE’S ISRAELI FETA CHEESE bearing “B.D.Z. Mehadrin” certification is reliably certified by Badatz Mehadrin of Rechovot, Israel, and is Cholov Yisroel.

BUSH’S BEST VEGETARIAN BAKED BEANS in TANGY SAUCE WITH BROWN SUGAR & SPICES in the 16 oz. can mistakenly does not bear an OU on the can label, but does bear the OU symbol on the upper lid. This product is Kosher and OU certified. New labels will be corrected and will bear the OU.

The 7-ELEVEN STORE on 12 Mile bet. Greenfield & Coolidge is no longer under K-COR supervision for slurpees. Supervision remains at the following three 7-Eleven stores:
• Lincoln & Greenfield: all three machines [plus Iced Coffee-dairy] • 11 & Coolidge and • 13 & Greenfield: only the left machine.

GREENFIELD NOODLE CO. has exhausted its stock of Yoshon flour, and is now using Chodosh flour. Chodosh product will not state “Yoshon” next to the expiration date.

OREO SANDWICH COOKIES: The OU has issued updated information as of January 7 regarding the dairy status of Oreo OU-D cookies. Four more items have been added to the dairy equipment list. For the convenience of our readers, the entire list is quoted here. These cookies may be consumed after meat and poultry, but not simultaneously.

“At the present time the following Oreo Sandwich Cookies do not contain dairy ingredients, although they are manufactured on dairy equipment:

• Original Oreo Sandwich Cookies
• Oreo Double Stuf Sandwich Cookies
• Triple Double Oreo Sandwich Cookies
• Oreo Original Mega Stuf Sandwich Cookies
• Mini Original Oreo Sandwich Cookies
• Chocolate Oreo Sandwich Cookies
• Golden Oreo Sandwich Cookies
• Golden Oreo Double Stuf Sandwich Cookies
• Golden Oreo Mega Stuf Sandwich Cookies
• Oreo Thins Sandwich Cookies
• Oreo Cinnamon Bun Sandwich Cookies
• Oreo Lemon Sandwich Cookies
• Oreo Mint Creme Sandwich Cookies
• Oreo Peanut Butter Sandwich Cookies
• Oreo Red Velvet Sandwich Cookies
• Winter Edition Oreo Sandwich Cookies
• Oreo Thins Latte Creme Sandwich Cookies
• Oreo S’mores Sandwich Cookies
• Oreo Tiramisu Sandwich Cookies
• Oreo Basecake [Cookie] Crumbs

Please bear in mind that the manufacturer may choose in the future to reformulate these products and add dairy ingredients. Since these products already bear OU-D symbols, formulation changes would not be reflected in the OU-D logo. As such, we recommend that consumers check regularly with our [OU] office to confirm the status of these items.”

KIRKLAND SIGNATURE SEMI-SWEET CHOCOLATE CHIPS in 4.5 lb. bags at Costco are available in two varieties. Both bear OU-D. The white bag [“51% Cacao, Real Vanilla”, Costco Item #807473] does not contain dairy ingredients, and bears OU-D due to dairy equipment. The red bag [Costco Item #1331846] contains milk fat and is dairy. Costco stores in the Midwest have both types. Stores in the East have only the red bag.

FRIENDLY FARMS ALMOND MILK in 64 oz. refrigerated containers sold at Aldi bears a plain OU on most varieties, and those are pareve. However, Friendly Farms Organic Almond Milk and Friendly Farms Coconut Milk are made by a different manufacturer, and they bear OU-D due to dairy equipment. [Note: This may vary in different regions.]

CARLINI PURE OLIVE OIL sold at Aldi has changed suppliers, and no longer bears an OU. (This contains refined olive oil, which definitely requires Kashrus certification.) CARLINI EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL in glass bottles still bears an OU in the Detroit area, but in some other areas does not. – Check each item carefully.

DUCKTRAP RIVER OF MAINE HERRING CENTER CUTS IN WINE SAUCE in 12 oz. jars with a plain OU and a Sell By date of JUL 29, 2020 have been recalled because they contain undeclared milk due to an incorrect label. These jars actually contain Herring Center Cuts Cream Style, which contains cream and milk and is certified OU-D. Only jars with this specific Sell By date are affected.

PICKWELL FARMS frozen BROCCOLI WITH CHEESE SAUCE and PICKWELL FARMS frozen CALIFORNIA MEDLEY WITH CHEESE SAUCE sold at Save A Lot bear an unauthorized OU. These products are not Kosher.

PRIVATE SELECTION JEWISH RYE DELI STYLE BREAD, sold at Kroger owned supermarkets, bears an unauthorized OK-D symbol. OK Kosher Certification does not certify this product or any dairy bread.

LA CHOY BEAN SPROUTS, CHOP SUEY VEGETABLES, and FANCY MIXED CHINESE VEGETABLES in 14 oz. cans are produced at a non-Kosher facility and are not Kosher. Some 14 oz. cans, with lot numbers beginning with 21019, were mistakenly labeled with the OK symbol. All other sizes, when bearing the OK symbol, are correctly labeled and Kosher certified. This includes #10 cans (102 oz.) of all three items, and 28 oz. cans of Chop Suey Vegetables.

WELCH’S GRAPE JUICE with a K is not an Orthodox supervision and should not be considered Kosher. Only specially produced bottles of “Welch’s-Manischewitz Kosher Grape Juice” with an OU are acceptable.

CARIAN’S BISTRO CHOCOLATES are not OU certified. Some boxes bear an unauthorized OU symbol. This product is sold through Amazon.

ACCLAIM brand GOURMET MARSALA COOKING WINE mistakenly bears an unauthorized OU. This product is not Kosher.

All pareve varieties of DAY TO DAY COFFEE SINGLE SERVE CUPS (K-Cups) manufactured by NAPCO are certified by the cRc. The following dairy varieties (sold at Menards) are not certified, but bear an unauthorized cRc:

• Milk Chocolate Hot Cocoa • French Vanilla Cappuccino • Sweet & Salty Caramel Cappuccino