2022-9-2 KosherGram PDF

THE FOLLOWING NEW SODAS ARE KOSHER, even without any Kashrus symbol:  

VERNORS BLACK CHERRY Ginger Soda limited edition. (Regular Vernors also remains Kosher.) • BUBLY SPARKLING WATER BELLINI BLISS. (All Bubly Sparkling Water flavors are Kosher.)  

ICED COFFEES AT 7-ELEVEN ON LINCOLN RD. are presently not certified, as posted on the machine, because the  incoming products no longer bear Kashrus certification. Kashrus certifiers of 7-Eleven iced coffees at stores in  other areas are advised to check their products.  

GERBER SNACKS FOR BABY HAWAIIAN DELIGHT Creamy Juice & Fruit Blend is not OU certified (and contains  grape juice and whey). Some labels bear an unauthorized OU symbol.  

SMART SWEETS LOLLIPOPS is no longer Kof-K certified, and no longer bears the Kof-K symbol. It is mistakenly  pictured with a Kof-K symbol on the Target and Whole Foods websites.  

SMUCKER’S UNCRUSTABLES SANDWICHES: OU certification of these products, in all flavors, is being  discontinued due to supply chain issues, and non-certified product is now hitting the market. Packaging which  still bears the OU symbol is Kosher. Check each package carefully.  

MAUI FARMS FRUIT COCKTAIL IN NATURAL JUICE, packed in Foodservice size #10 cans, bears an unauthorized  Star-K symbol.  


MARKET PANTRY WHITE FUDGE ANIMAL COOKIES in 44 oz. plastic bear-shaped jugs sold at Target, with  Best By date 21FEB2023, lot number Y052722, and time stamp from 15:00 to 23:00, have been recalled  because metal wire was found in some of the cookies. Details are available at https://www.fda.gov/safety/recalls-market-withdrawals-safety-alerts/df-stauffer-biscuit-co-inc-issues-voluntary-recall-market-pantry-white-fudge-animal-cookies-best?utm_medium=email&utm_source=govdelivery or 888-480-1988.