2023-11-2 Kashrus Notice PDF


Instacart services have recently become available at The Grove. Please note that the Grove departments certified by the Council of Orthodox Rabbis of Greater Detroit (see below) are certified in-store only. Halachically, a food item which is entrusted or sent in the hands of a non-Shomer Shabbos generally requires one or two seals (depending on the nature of the concern) to ensure that the item was not exchanged. At this point, the Vaad does not certify that the items are properly sealed. Consumers should be mindful of this when considering using Instacart services.

Only the following Grove departments are supervised by the Council of Orthodox Rabbis of Greater Detroit, as posted at the entrance to the store:

  • Deli Dept.
  • Superior Meat Dept.
  • Fresh Bakery Dept.
  • Pizza Stop
  • Sushi Dept.
  • Repackaged Bulk Candies bearing the K-COR symbol

All other products must be checked by the consumer for a reliable Kashrus certification on each label.