Kosher Slurpee® Products

From the 2017-06-27 Kashrus Alerts:

The K-COR strongly recommends that Slurpees be bought only at stores that have store-level Kashrus supervision of their slurpees, to be assured that the syrup box that feeds the machine is actually Kosher and pareve. The flavor cards on the machine cannot be relied upon, even if they bear a Kosher symbol, because stores sometimes use syrups that do not correspond with the brand or variety posted on the machine. In addition, when changing flavors, stores generally do not clean the machine in-between, and during the transition there can be a significant mixture of flavors, one of which may be non-Kosher or dairy.

The K-COR provides supervision for Slurpees at five local 7-Eleven stores, but only for the machine(s) specified on the K-COR certificate posted at each location, as follows:

  • Lincoln & Greenfield: all three machines.
  • 11 & Coolidge, 13 & Greenfield, 11 & Lahser and 12 bet. Greenfield & Coolidge: only the left machine.

If one is in an area where no supervised stores are available, the K-COR recommends that Slurpees not be bought unless the consumer is able to inspect the label on the box of syrup which feeds the Slurpee machine, to verify its Kosher and pareve (or dairy) status. [The box of syrup that feeds the machine is generally located in the back of the store, in an area which is off limits to non-employees, and cannot be entered without express permission from the store manager.]

The following agencies publish lists of kosher Slurpee products:

cRc – Slurpee Products in the United States

COR – Slurpee Products in Canada

MK – Slurpee Products in Canada