New Pesach Alerts Updates
PARCHMENT PAPER: In addition to those listed in the Pesach KosherGram, KIRKLAND brand parchment paper from Costco bearing an OU may be used for Pesach.
“BABY SPRITZ” Baby Wipe Alternative may be used on Pesach.
SOLOMON’S GROUND MEAT: Due to conflicting published information, the OU has clarified that Solomon’s raw unprocessed ground meat bearing a plain OU may be used for Pesach even without special Pesach marking.
SCIENCE DIET DRY CAT FOODS: Some varieties have been reformulated and now contain wheat. This reformulation was announced by the company after the Star-K Pesach Guide’s pet foods list was distributed. Consumers should check for chometz listed on the ingredient panel. If it contains chometz ingredients including wheat or oat derivatives, it should be put away and sold with the rest of the chometz.
“CHASALAT ALEI KATIF” ROMAINE LETTUCE: Due to numerous consumer inquiries, the Star-K tested “Chasalat Alei Katif” Romaine Lettuce from Israel, and found thrips to be present similar to regular romaine lettuce heads purchased in the marketplace. Therefore, it is recommended that this product be washed and checked like any romaine lettuce.
PANNE PROVINCIO FRENCH BAGUETTE BREADS are being sold at Costco stores along the East Coast and in sections of the Midwest. These breads are in bags that were printed in error with the Blue Ribbon Kosher symbol on them. They should be considered non-Kosher.
BUMBLE BEE, BRUNSWICK and CHICKEN OF THE SEA brands of canned tuna have announced recalls of some of their product that does not meet standards for seal tightness, which could result in product contamination by spoilage organisms or pathogens and lead to illness if consumed. For details, call Bumble Bee / Brunswick at 888-820-1947, and Chicken of the Sea at 800-597-5898.
Remember: check every label for Pesach certification.

We wish the entire community a Chag Kosher V’Sameach!

Questions about Pesach Alerts?
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