OU PESACH GUIDE CLARIFICATION: In the “Selling Chometz” chart on page 17, a “No” listing under “Chometz Status” does not mean that the product does not contain any chometz or that it does not need to be sold. It means only that the product is not “chometz gamur” (obvious chometz), and may be sold even by those accustomed not to sell chometz gamur, as explained in the preceding article on page 15.

NON-PESACH VERSIONS OF THE FOLLOWING PRODUCTS have been found mistakenly placed in the Pesach section at One Stop Kosher Food Market. Check every label of your purchases:

  • Streit’s Matzo Meal
  • Brede Extra Hot Horseradish
  • Pepsi-Cola

QUINOA – Some containers of LA BONNE Quinoa (UPC #’s 0-43427-0080-6 and 0-43427-88802-8) with OU-P, and STREIT’S Quinoa (UPC # 0-70227-60208-0) with OU-P, were found to contain infestation. To determine whether your product is affected, spread it evenly on a white surface and visually inspect under good light.