Community Announcement

Jewish Family Service is partnering with Nechama, a disaster relief organization that has come to the Detroit area to assist with flooding.
Nechama provides free direct cleanup assistance such as clearing debris from inside and outside homes, removal of sewage and standing water, removal of damaged carpeting/other flooring, furniture, appliances, and any other objects that were damaged by flooding; they will remove saturated drywall and paneling, for example.
They do not provide financial assistance or replace lost items.
The current area of focus is: Oak Park, Southfield, Ferndale, Huntington Woods, Berkley, and Royal Oak.
Those requesting assistance can be with or without homeowners insurance.  The focus will be on those households who do not have the means to have the work done themselves.
Anyone in need of assistance should please call the JFS Resource Center at 248.592.2313.