2018-4-27 Kashrus Alerts PDF available for download.

PRINGLES POTATO CRISPS: All seasoned varieties of Pringles that in the past were certified plain OU [pareve] are now changing to OU-D. Those that state milk, whey or lactose in their ingredient listing will be real dairy. If none of those ingredients are listed, the OU-D designation is due only to dairy equipment. (This is true even though the allergen statement after the ingredient listing states “Contains Milk & Wheat Ingredients”.) Older cans that still bear a plain OU are pareve. Each can should be checked carefully to determine its correct status.

When checking the ingredients, be aware that seasoned varieties now divide the ingredient listing into two paragraphs, “Ingredients” and “Contains 2% Or Less Of”. Some varieties list dairy only at the end of the second paragraph, e.g. BBQ [whey] and Honey Mustard [lactose].

The “Original” (unseasoned) varieties – regular, Lightly Salted and Reduced Fat – will remain plain OU [pareve].

ORRI MANDARINS and CLEMENTINES FROM ISRAEL in bags are being sold locally at Costco, Kroger, etc., and state on the label “Product of Israel”. The Jaffa brand at Costco currently bears an OU on the sticker label, and the OU has confirmed that this is authorized and includes the taking of Terumos and Maaseros. The Wespak brand at Costco, and the PCN brand at Kroger, do not bear certification, and require taking of Terumos and Maaseros by the consumer.

ROMAINE LETTUCE: Kosher Gardens / Pos’tiv, Bodek and Andy Boy brands have released statements that their romaine lettuce products are not from Arizona, and are therefore not involved in the E. coli outbreak that has been linked to the Yuma, Arizona region. (Andy Boy is currently the brand that is washed and checked by the COR Mashgiach for the certified containers of romaine lettuce sold at One Stop Kosher Food Market.)

NEW SLURPEE SYRUPS: The following new Slurpee FCB syrups are Kosher and pareve.

[Please note that this information is for the benefit of Kashrus Supervisors and consumers who inspect (with permission of store management) the labels on the 2.5 / 5 gal. bag-in-boxes of syrups in the back of the store, which feed the slurpee machines. The flavor cards posted on the slurpee machines in front cannot be relied upon to determine the Kosher status of the slurpee, because they often do not correspond with the brand and variety of the syrup that is actually feeding the machine.]

• FAYGO GRAPE FCB – with HKA symbol
• MONSTER MUTANT RED DAWN FCB – for Slurpee use only

365 brand FROZEN BERRY BLEND sold at Whole Foods bears an unauthorized OU, and has concerns of insect infestation.

NATURAL EARTH BROWN SUSHI RICE has had reports of infestation in some bags, which was caused by improper storage in some regions. In consultation with the Star-K, Natural Earth is recalling this product. Consumers should either check the rice prior to use, or they may return it.

SOUTHERN GROVE DRIED PHILIPPINE MANGO sold at Aldi no longer bears an OU.

SCHWAN’S CHOCOLATE MARSHMALLOW RIPPLE and ROCKY ROAD ICE CREAMS contain gelatin and are not OU certified. A small quantity of these products may have been sold with an unauthorized OU symbol.

BEST CHOICE REFRIED BEANS in Traditional and Jalapeno varieties bear an unauthorized OU symbol on some labels. These products contain lard and are not Kosher.

STREIT’S DARK CHOCOLATE CARAMEL PECAN CLUSTERS contains dairy ingredients, but was mistakenly labeled as Kof-K Pareve. This product is dairy, not Cholov Yisroel.

KROGER RANCH FLAVORED TUNA contains milk, as indicated in the ingredients, but some labels mistakenly bear a plain OU symbol without the D.

RIBBIS ALERT – QUICKEN LOANS / ROCKET MORTGAGE: See an important Halachic alert from Agudath Israel’s Conference of Synagogue Rabbonim at http://www.hakhel.info/archivesPublicService/RibisNoticeQuickenAlert.pdf