2018-5-28 Kashrus Alerts PDF available for download.

New CANADA DRY “GINGER ALE and LEMONADE” soda is Kosher.

TRAVERSE CITY WHISKEY CO. products are no longer certified by the Chicago Rabbinical Council as of March 26, 2018, and are not recommended even when bearing the cRc symbol. Only products purchased before March 26 are certified Kosher when bearing the cRc symbol.

TREE TOP CRANBERRY JUICE COCKTAIL will no longer be OU certified due to a formula change, and will not bear the OU symbol. Always check every label for Kashrus marking.

PURE GREEN GRAPESHOT JUICE, distributed by Pure Green in the New York area, bears an unauthorized Star-K and is being recalled. This product contains grape juice and is not Kosher.

BAGELS SOLD AT MEIJER near the in-store bakery are apparently coming from different suppliers. Some state on the plastic bag itself “OK Kosher Pareve Pas Yisroel” (and in small letters, “Mfg. by Always Bagels, Inc., Lebanon, PA”), and these are acceptable. Some bags, however, even of the same varieties, do not bear any wording, and those should not be considered Kosher.

POST ORIGINAL SHREDDED WHEAT SPOON SIZE CEREAL is no longer OU certified due to changes in production, and no longer bears the OU symbol. Old boxes still bearing an OU are certified. Post’s Big Biscuit Shredded Wheat and Wheat ‘N Bran Shredded Wheat cereals are not affected by these changes, and will continue to be OU certified when bearing the OU symbol.

KROGER GREEK YOGURTS and KROGER FROZEN YOGURTS are OU Dairy certified when bearing an OU-D. Some of the Greek yogurts (Plain and Blended Nonfat) mistakenly bear a plain OU without the D.
— Other types of Kroger yogurts are not OU certified and contain gelatin.

POPCORNERS SPICY QUESO Popped-Corn Snack contains dairy ingredients, as indicated in the ingredients and allergen statements, and is certified OU-D. Some labels mistakenly bear a plain OU without the D.

Some 220 g bags of FRITO LAY RUFFLES REGULAR POTATO CHIPS sold in Ontario, Canada were mistakenly filled with Sour Cream ‘N Onion potato chips, which are certified COR [Canada] Dairy. The incorrectly filled bags bear the expiration date JL 17 and lot code 6081 13249, and are being recalled. Other lot numbers are not affected.

CAPPIELLO FRESH MOZZARELLA CHEESE is normally OU-D certified. The certified product bears an OU-D symbol and states Schenectady, NY, Plant #36-3893 on the label. However, for about two months Cappiello will make a non-certified Fresh Mozzarella Cheese at another facility. The non-certified cheese does not bear an OU-D, and does not state Schenectady, NY, Plant #36-3893 on the label. Consumers should check each label very carefully before purchasing this product.

CARROTS from BALDOR SPECIALTY FOODS, BRONX, NY were certified until recently by OK certification. Since Baldor is now receiving carrots from Israel, the OK will not be certifying Baldor’s carrots for the foreseeable future.

KITCHENAID REFRIGERATORS SABBATH MODE ALERT: In certain models of KitchenAid refrigerators with a Star-K certified Sabbath Mode, after a power failure the refrigerator recovers, but is not in Sabbath Mode. Even if the display reads “SAB”, a light turns on when the door is opened. The models that are affected are KRFF507ESS, KRFF507EBL, KRFF507EWH, and KRFF707ESS. If you have one of these models, please email info@star-k.org (preferred) or call the Star-K (410-484-4110) with your specific model and serial number (found on a sticker on right interior wall of the refrigerator). The manufacturer is working on a solution and the Star-K will update you when a fix becomes available.