2021-10-28 KosherGram PDF


ONLINE SHOPPING: When shopping online for grocery delivery or curbside pickup, be sure to check the actual label on each item when the order is received. This is essential because many online descriptions or pictures give inaccurate or outdated information regarding the product’s Kosher status. In addition, the store may substitute non-Kosher or non-approved products if the requested item is not available.

One recent example: Kroger Hearty Vegetable Ready To Serve Soup in an 18.8 oz. can is still pictured online with an OU symbol, but the actual product does not bear an OU. In fact, this product lost its Kosher status over a year ago, but the picture has not been updated.

SNAPPLE DRINKS: Not all Snapple drinks are Kosher, and not all of the Kosher varieties are pareve. Always check each bottle or can for the OK symbol, plus for its pareve / dairy status. [A plain OK symbol indicates pareve;     OK-D = dairy;  OK-DE = dairy equipment.] Care should also be taken when purchasing variety packs, which may contain a mixture of Kosher and non-Kosher varieties.

Following are current examples of non-Kosher and dairy or DE varieties. However, please be aware that this list is not necessarily complete, as the manufacturer can at any time introduce additional flavors, or reformulate existing ones.


  • Black Cherry Lemonade
  • Cranberry Raspberry – reg, and Diet
  • Grape
  • Grapeade
  • Fruit Punch
  • Mixed Berry
  • “Name The Flav!” Mystery Flavor
  • Any other variety listing grape juice

  DAIRY [D]:  Go Bananas (contains milk and cream)                        DAIRY EQUIPMENT [DE]: Many items in cans

NATURAL EARTH SUSHI BROWN RICE in bags has recently been found in the East to be seriously infested with insects (including some inside the rice grains), and is not recommended at this time. In general, it is recommended that all brands of brown rice be checked before using, particularly in the Northeast U.S.

HECKERS ALL PURPOSE FLOUR is milled from Yoshon winter wheat in a facility that handles only winter wheat. (For those makpid on malt in flour, probable Chodosh date for malt is Dec 15 / “Best If Used By” date of June 15 23.) [Sources: Kof-K, Guide to Chodosh]

TERRA VEGETABLE CHIPS were in the past certified by the Kof-K as Bishul Yisroel. Effective immediately, they are no longer Bishul Yisroel, but their Kosher certification continues, based on the Poskim who rule that chips do not require Bishul Yisroel. Bags which either have the “Bishul Yisroel” declaration or are marked (after the Best Before date) with a Julian date of 295 or earlier, may still be considered Bishul Yisroel.

[Note: Some Terra Chips varieties contain milk and are marked Kof-K Dairy; e.g., Mediterranean, Sweets & Apples, and Tropical.]

DARE TO BE DIFFERENT BROCCOLI CRUSTS is Kosher and Pareve, as stated on the front of the package. Some packages mistakenly list Mozzarella and Parmesan Cheese in the ingredients. [Note: Dare To Be Different Broccoli Crust Pizza  of course is dairy, and is correctly marked.]

COUNTRY CROCK SPREADS have OU certification on many, but not all, of their products. Check each item for the OU or OU-D symbol.

TAPATIO RAMEN NOODLE SOUPS are available in two sizes. Those in 3.7 oz. bowls are not Kosher and do not bear an OU. Those in 2.29 oz. cups were in the past OU certified and bore the OU symbol. However, the OU is no longer certifying any Tapatio Ramen Noodle Soups, and newer cups therefore no longer bear the OU. Stores may have a mixture of OU and non-OU cups; check each cup carefully for the OU symbol.

KINDER’S SEASONINGS are no longer under Kof-K supervision; new containers therefore do not bear the Kof-K symbol. Containers that still bear the Kof-K were produced previously under supervision.


  • GREAT VALUE [Walmart] KETTLE COOKED SALT & VINEGAR POTATO CHIPS [revised OU alert] – contains lactose, but mistakenly bears a plain OU symbol without the D. [Note: Great Value Classic Salt & Vinegar Potato Chips is pareve and correctly bears a plain OU.]
  • SWEET DELISH! TASTY DONUT BITES from Weston Foods [Birthday Cake, Cookies & Cream, Powdered Sugar, Red Velvet] – mistakenly bear a plain Kof-K symbol without the D.
  • KODIAK CAKES CORNBREAD MIX – some boxes mistakenly bear a plain OK symbol without the D.
  • KETO AND CO SHORTBREAD KETO COOKIE MIX – some packages mistakenly bear a plain OU symbol without the D.
  • LONGO’S BAKE YOUR OWN BUTTER CROISSANTS – mistakenly bear a plain COR (Canada) symbol without the D.
  • COCONUT PRALINE PECANS distributed by Maple Ridge Farms is certified cRc Dairy. Some 5 oz. boxes contain an ingredient card that mistakenly says Pareve.


  • GENERAL MILLS GOLDEN GRAHAMS S’MORES REMIX (contains gelatin) – some packages bear an unauthorized OU-D symbol.
  • BOWL & BASKET CAULIFLOWER RICE [A ShopRite brand] bears an unauthorized MK (Montreal) symbol.
  • DOLLY brand WHOLE KERNEL SWEET CORN in 15 oz. cans, distributed by RD Foods Americas and labeled Product of Thailand, bears an unauthorized Star-K symbol. (Those bearing a Star-K symbol and labeled Product of China are)
  • GRAPE JUICE CONCENTRATES manufactured byColoma Frozen Foods bear an unauthorized cRc symbol.
  • WEGMANS GLUTEN FREE BROWNIES – some labels bear an unauthorized OU symbol.
  • WEGMANS CHEESE GLUTEN FREE TORTELLINI – some labels bear an unauthorized OU symbol.
  • LONGO’S DOUBLE CREAM BRIE CHEESE bears an unauthorized Kof-K (D.E.) symbol.  This product is not Kosher certified (and is dairy).
  • LEONARDO SWEETSROYAL BEE ICING DECORATION sold in Israel bears an unauthorized cRc symbol.
  • EFT, INC. – Any products produced by EFT, Inc. that bear a KSA symbol, are fraudulent and unauthorized. This includes personal care and house care products.
  • VITAMIN CODE RAW ANTIOXIDANTS distributed by Garden of Life of Palm Beach Gardens, FL, that bears an expiration date prior to September 1, 2022, contains a non-Kosher ingredient and is not Kosher, even when bearinga Star-K symbol.
  • CASA MILO TRADITIONAL TARALLI – some labels bear an unauthorized OU symbol (contains wine).
  • SPERRY’S RESTAURANT SEASONINGS – some labels bear an unauthorized OU symbol.