2021-11-29 KosherGram PDF

BELL PEPPERS FROM ISRAEL (red, yellow and orange) will soon begin appearing in U.S. stores, and should not be purchased due to Shemitah restrictions. (If already purchased, consult your Rav.) Carefully check the fine print on the package, or the sticker on peppers sold loose, for the country of origin. Often the same brand has some peppers from Israel and some from other locations, so each individual package or pepper should be checked.

Whenever buying produce, one should be careful to check the sticker, bag label or original case for the country of origin, due to issues of Shemitah, or of Terumos and Maaseros if it is not Shemitah product.  Some additional examples of Israeli produce commonly found in the U.S. include tomatoes, carrots, citrus fruit (oranges, grapefruit, lemons, mandarins, clementines  and pomelos), persimmons (“Sharon Fruit”), pomegranates, mangos, dates, dill and parsley.

IMPERIAL VEGETABLE OIL SPREADS in several varieties have recently changed from dairy [OU-D] to pareve [plain OU]. Check each package carefully. 1 lb. packages of sticks that bear a plain OU on the outer package are pareve, even though the inner wrappers still state OU-D; the wrappers will be updated.

GREAT VALUE DICED PEACHES IN 100% JUICE at Walmart bears an OU on the 4 Packs and contain Kosher grape juice. The 12 Packs, however, no longer bear an OU and are not acceptable, even though their online pictures still show an OU symbol.

Some cans of BORRELLI PIZZA SAUCE with no Kashrus certification were mistakenly sold recently at The Grove      [One Stop]. They should not be used. Other cans of Borrelli Pizza Sauce bear an OU symbol, but the OU has thus far not confirmed their Kosher status, and the OU symbol may be unauthorized.

[Updated information from Kof-K:]  HECKERS and CERESOTA ALL PURPOSE FLOURS  which contain “NT” in the code are milled from Yoshon winter wheat in a facility that handles only winter wheat. (For those makpid on malt in flour, malt may be Chodosh as of Dec 15, which corresponds to a “Best If Used By” date of June 15 23.)


  • Only those Tums products that bear a Kosher symbol are acceptable. Most of the certified products state Pareve beneath the symbol; however, Tums Chewy Delights contains milk and is marked as Dairy.
  • Some containers of Tums Assorted Berries Extra Strength 750 and Tums Assorted Fruit Extra Strength 750 are now being made by non-certified manufacturers, and do not bear a Kosher symbol. Check each container.
  • Tums Naturals Black Cherry & Watermelon variety contains carmine color, which is made from non-Kosher cochineal beetles, and therefore bears no Kosher marking.
  • Tums Chewy Bites are not certified and bear no Kosher marking.


Specific COUNTRY TIME LEMONADE, KOOL-AID, TANG, and ARIZONA HALF & HALF powdered drink mixes have been recalled due to the potential presence of very small pieces of metal or glass. Details are available at https://www.fda.gov/safety/recalls-market-withdrawals-safety-alerts/kraft-heinz-voluntarily-recalls-select-country-time-lemonade-tang-arizona-tea-powdered-beverages-and  or 855-713-9237.

TASTYKAKE CUPCAKES and KRIMPETS with specific “Enjoy By” dates have been recalled due to the potential presence of tiny fragments of metal mesh wire. Details are available at https://www.fda.gov/safety/recalls-market-withdrawals-safety-alerts/amended-flowers-foods-issues-voluntary-recall-certain-tastykake-products-due-possible-presence-tiny  or 866-245-8921.