2021-2-5 KosherGram PDF

New MOUNTAIN DEW MAJOR MELON SODA, in regular and Zero Sugar varieties, is Kosher in the USA, Canada and Mexico, even without any Kashrus symbol.

KIRKLAND SIGNATURE SEMI-SWEET CHOCOLATE CHIPS in the white bag [“51% Cacao, Real Vanilla”, Costco Item #807473], which bears OU-D and does not list any dairy ingredients, was originally only dairy equipment. According to the OU, this status changed during 2020 to actual dairy ingredients, and any product purchased since March 2020 should be considered actual dairy. [Note: This product is being phased out, and is replaced by Costco Item #1331846 in a red bag, which bears OU-D and lists milkfat.]

HIDDEN VALLEY ORIGINAL RANCH SEASONING & SALAD DRESSING MIX in an 8 oz. shaker container contains buttermilk and is certified OU Dairy. Some older containers that may still be found in stores mistakenly bear only a plain OU without the D. Newer containers have been corrected and bear OU-D.

MILANO GIANT LADY FINGERS BISCUITS was incorrectly labeled with a COR DE [dairy equipment] symbol. This product is actually dairy and certified Kosher by COR [Toronto].

Scroll K [Denver] certification is being discontinued for the following three Lotus Foods Heat & Eat Rice products which are pre-cooked and sold in pouches:
• Organic White Jasmine & Forbidden Rice Blend Heat & Eat Pouch
• Organic White Jasmine Rice Heat & Eat Pouch
• Organic Brown Jasmine Rice Heat & Eat Pouch
Products that still bear the Scroll K symbol on the pouch are Kosher certified. Kosher certification of Lotus Foods raw rice products will continue.

DON ANECIO brand BALSAMIC VINEGAR and DON ANECIO BALSAMIC VINEGAR GLAZE are sold in the U.S. in retail and bulk packaging, and bear an unauthorized KLBD [London Beth Din] Kosher symbol. These are grape wine based products and are not Kosher. The KLBD symbol on the Don Anecio website is misleading.

AURORA TARALLI BARESI breadsticks in Plain, Black Pepper, Chilli Pepper and Fennel varieties bear an unauthorized MK [Montreal] symbol. In addition, these products have been marked Pareve when they are in fact Dairy.

FORRELLI ARTICHOKES (Allied International Corp.) bear an unauthorized OK symbol.


WEIS QUALITY COOKIES AND CREAM ICE CREAM in 48- ounce containers, with a UPC of 041497-01253 and with a sell by date of 10/28/21, has been recalled because the product may contain extraneous material, specifically metal filling equipment parts. More information is available at 866-999-9347.

LAKE CHAMPLAIN CHOCOLATES has recalled the following milk chocolate products, with specific Best By dates, due to potential foreign objects, specifically brittle plastic pieces.
• Hazelnut Five Star Bar
• Fruit & Nut Five Star Bar
• Almond Five Star Bar
• Granola Five Star Bar
• Organic Milk Chocolate Bar with Sea Salt & Almonds
• Milk Chocolate Almond Bark
• Chocolates of Vermont Green Mountain
These products can be found within a variety of other gift packages, boxes and baskets. Details are available at https://www.fda.gov/safety/recalls-market-withdrawals-safety-alerts/potential-foreign-object-recall-lake-champlain-chocolates-issues-voluntary-recall-selected-milk or email info@lakechamplainchocolates.com