2021-5-7 KosherGram PDF

LIEBER’S MINI, TINY DILL GHERKINS UPDATE: Rabbi M. Weissmandl has informed us as of 5/6/21 regarding all jars of both Lieber’s Mini Dill Gherkins and Lieber’s Tiny Dill Gherkins, regardless of their lot numbers, that it is recommended that they not be used unless the consumer splits each gherkin lengthwise and inspects for long, easily visible worms.

BONE SUCKIN’ SAUCES normally bear an OU symbol. However, some non-certified jars of regular and Thicker Style varieties not bearing an OU were recently mistakenly sold at The Grove [One Stop]. Check each jar for the OU symbol.

SEASON SARDINES: As previously posted, due to Covid-19 work and travel restrictions, some Season Sardines, Sprats and Kipper Snacks products were produced as non-Kosher and do not bear an OU symbol. Some cans of Season Brisling Sardines – Product of Latvia with no OU may mistakenly have been sold in the
recent past at The Grove [One Stop]. Check every can for the OU symbol.