2021-6-2 KosherGram PDF

IMPORTANT: ACE BAKERY / WESTON FOODS FROZEN PAR-BAKED GOODS are produced as Kosher with KSA certification, and bear the KSA symbol on their original bulk boxes. These bulk items are then distributed to in-store bakeries, which bake them and insert the breads into white bags, which are supplied along with the par-baked items. Inadvertently, some of these bags were imprinted with the KSA symbol. Please be aware that only Ace Bakery / Weston Foods baked goods in their original factory sealed bulk boxes bearing the KSA symbol are KSA certified. Once the products are baked in a non-certified in-store bakery, they cannot be considered Kosher, despite the mistaken KSA symbol on the bags. → THESE MISLABELED BREADS ARE NOW BEING SOLD LOCALLY AT MEIJER, AND AT OTHER LOCATIONS IN MICHIGAN AND ILLINOIS.

AHA SPARKLING WATER in all varieties is OU certified, and bears the OU symbol on the can.

BUBLY brand SPARKLING WATER in all flavors is Kosher and does not require Kosher marking.

New PEPSI BLUE is Kosher, and does not require a Kashrus symbol.

SKINNY POP KETTLE CORN POPCORN’s new variety pack contains the varieties Sweet Vanilla, Sweet & Salty, and Cinnamon & Sugar Kettle Corn, and bears the cRc and OU symbols on the outer box. On some of the inner bags the Kosher symbol was omitted, but they are nevertheless certified Kosher and pareve.

PLANET OAT OATMILK in 52 oz. refrigerated containers bears an OU-D on all varieties, but in fact their actual status is DE [dairy equipment], and they may be eaten after, but not with, meat.

BAKE SHOP BAKERY 7 LAYER DESSERT BAR, sold at Aldi stores in the U.S., was mistakenly labeled with a plain COR [Canada] symbol. This product contains dairy ingredients and is certified dairy.

TUSCAN GARDEN ALL PURPOSE RANCH SEASONING sold at Aldi mistakenly bears a plain OU without a D on some containers. This product contains dairy ingredients and is certified dairy.

BOWL & BASKET NON-STICK COOKING SPRAY GHEE mistakenly bears a plain OU without a D on some cans. This product contains dairy ingredients and is certified dairy. [“Ghee” = clarified butter.]

GLORY FOODS CANDIED YAMS – SEASONED SOUTHERN STYLE mistakenly bears a Star-K symbol. This product contains dairy ingredients and should have been labeled Star-D. It is certified Kosher dairy, non-Cholov Yisroel.

SUNGLO POPCORN SEASONINGS in the following varieties – Buttery, Jalapeno, Nacho Cheese, Ranch and White Cheddar – were mistakenly labeled with a plain OVK symbol. These products contain milk powder and are certified dairy.

LIEBER’S MINI, TINY DILL GHERKINS UPDATE: Rabbi M. Weissmandl issued an updated notice on 5/10/21 regarding both Lieber’s Mini Dill Gherkins and Lieber’s Tiny Dill Gherkins, that they were found to be infested and should not be used until further notice (regardless of their lot numbers).

SWEET CITY brand NORI SHEETS with the lot codes listed below have been recalled due to infestation concerns, and must be checked before using, even when bearing the Star-K symbol. All other lot codes remain certified. Lot Codes (printed on the bottom of each bag): 50824,50924,51024,51124,51424,51524,51624,51724,51824,52124,52224,52324.

INSPIRED ORGANICS brand ORGANIC CUT SPINACH and ORGANIC STRAWBERRIES bear an unauthorized cRc symbol. These products are not certified.

KRASDALE FROZEN CUT LEAF SPINACH bears an unauthorized KVH symbol. This product is not certified.

VOSS WATER + COLLAGEN bears an unauthorized OU symbol on some bottles. This product is not OU certified.

TAMMY’S KITCHEN CHICKEN CACCIATORE was mistakenly labeled with a Kof-K symbol. This product contains non-Kosher white wine and is not certified Kosher.

FIRST STREET PARMESAN CHEESE PACKETS (a foodservice item) bears an unauthorized OU-D symbol on some labels. This product is not OU certified.


ICE CREAM & SHERBET RECALL: Velvet Ice Cream has announced a recall of all of its ice cream and sherbet products made on or after March 24, 2021 as a precaution, because they have the potential to be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes, an organism which can cause serious and sometimes fatal infections in young children, frail or elderly people, and others with weakened immune systems. This includes specific products under the following brands: VELVET, SUPER DIP, NORTH STAR, BUEHLER’S, RUGGLES, WHALE OF A PAIL, and DISCOUNT DRUG MART. Details are available at https://www.fda.gov/safety/recalls-market-withdrawals-safety-alerts/velvet-ice-cream-recalls-various-products-due-possible-listeria-risk
or 800-589-5000 x237.