2021-9-3 KosherGram PDF


GEFEN dried GARBANZO BEANS (CHICK PEAS) in 16 oz. bags has been found to have a serious infestation problem in many bags, and is not recommended at this time.

GOLD MEDAL ALL PURPOSE FLOUR and BREAD FLOUR with “KC” in code, which in past years has been always Yoshon, has changed status, and product that will be packaged beginning Sep. 9 next week (= Better If Used By date March 21, 2023) will no longer be Yoshon. [Source: Star-K and Yoshon.com]

MOUNTAIN DEW KICKSTART JUICE DRINKS, MOUNTAIN DEW RISE ENERGY DRINKS, and MOUNTAIN DEW GAME FUEL ENERGY DRINKS contain grape juice [except for Game Fuel “Zero” varieties], and are acceptable only when bearing a K (or a recognized Kosher symbol), or when bearing the letters XG in the middle of the second line of the inkjet code on bottom of the can. Other Mountain Dew products that are produced in the USA, Canada, and Mexico are acceptable without any symbol or code.

SEASON SARDINES – Important Reminder: As previously posted, due to Covid-19 work and travel restrictions, some Season Sardines, Sprats and Kipper Snacks products were produced as non-Kosher and do not bear an OU symbol. Unfortunately, their packaging is identical to OU certified product, except for the absence of the OU, and this has led to numerous mix-ups, even in Kosher stores. Check every can for the OU symbol.

MISSION FOODS TORTILLAS and related products are certified by the cRc (Chicago Rabbinical Council) only when produced in the USA. Mission Foods has recently started importing similar non-certified products that are produced in Mexico, which state “made in Mexico” on the label and do not bear a cRc. Check each bag for the cRc logo. [Note: Mission Foods cRc certified products are not Pas Yisroel.]

CLOVER VALLEY COFFEE CREAMER, sold at Dollar General stores, bears an unauthorized Star-K symbol on some containers, and is not certified by Star-K.

LAY’S WAVY ORIGINAL POTATO CHIPS bearing an OU mistakenly contains Sour Cream & Onion potato chips [not OU certified, and dairy] in a small number of 73⁄4 oz. bags. Details are available at https://www.fda.gov/safety/recalls-market-withdrawals-safety-alerts/frito-lay-issues-limited-voluntary-recall-undeclared-milk-wavy-lays-original-potato-chips or 800-352-4477.