2023-2-26 KosherGram PDF

New DR PEPPER STRAWBERRIES & CREAM SODA is Kosher even without any Kashrus symbol, in both regular and Zero Sugar.

MILANO BAKERY BREAD and ROLLS, K-COR certified, are currently NOT Pas Yisroel. An update will be issued when their Pas Yisroel status resumes.

TUMS CHEWY DELIGHTS CORRECTION: The 2/2/23 KosherGram stated that this product is marked as Star-D Dairy. Actually, it bears a Diamond-K-D Dairy symbol, and is Kosher dairy.

ICEBERG LETTUCE SALAD and COLESLAW produced by DOLE under the DOLE brand name and under various private labels [store brands] normally bear the OK symbol, except when there is an issue of infestation. These labels include KROGER Brand, LITTLE SALAD BAR [Aldi], MARKETSIDE [Walmart] and others.

Currently, due to a printing problem, these products do not bear the OK symbol on some bags, and stores have a mixture of some bags with the OK symbol and some without. To determine whether a particular bag produced by Dole without the OK symbol is in fact OK approved, and does not have an infestation issue, consumers can send a picture of the product, plus a close-up of the date and lot number, to kashrusalerts@gmail.com , and we will forward the information to the OK office for their determination.

  • Please note that the above list of private labels refers to product produced for them by Dole. However, these labels are sometimes also produced by different companies that are not OK certified. Product produced by Dole can be identified by the lot code under the date. The code will begin with the letter B, N, W or Y, followed by 5 numbers, followed by the letter A, B or C. (Occasionally there may be a 6th number, instead of the A, B or C.)
  • Many of the KROGER Brand CLASSIC GARDEN and KROGER Brand SHREDDED ICEBERG bags in the Detroit area currently (and possibly in other areas) are not produced by Dole and do not bear an OK symbol. They bear a different symbol, and are not recommended. The same applies to Kroger Brand Fresh Broccoli Florets, Cauliflower Florets, and Vegetable Medley.

WELLSLEY FARMS GARLIC BUTTER & HERBS SEASONING: This dairy seasoning, sold at BJ’s, bears an unauthorized OU symbol.


COSMO’S BRAND PITTED OIL CURED OLIVES produced in Morocco bears an unauthorized Star-K symbol.

The following KETO FACTORY products bear an unauthorized Oregon Kosher symbol:

  • Skinny Sweet Allulose and Monk Fruit Blend
  • Skinny Sweet Erythritol, Allulose, and Monk fruit blend
  • Rainbow Sprinkles

AMPHORA INTERNATIONAL DRIED MULBERRIES were mistakenly distributed in packaging bearing an OU symbol. This product is not OU certified.


PROSOBEE 12.9 OZ SIMPLY PLANT-BASED INFANT FORMULA POWDER with lot numbers ZL2HZF and ZL2HZZ has been recalled due to a possibility of contamination with Cronobacter bacteria, Details are available at https://www.enfamil.com/prosobee-recall-2023/  or 800-479-0551.

STARBUCKS FRAPPUCCINO VANILLA COFFEE DRINK in 13.7 oz. bottles with Best By dates of MAR 08 23, MAY 29 23, JUN 04 23, and JUN 10, 23 has been recalled due to a possibility of glass in the product. Details are available at https://www.accessdata.fda.gov/scripts/ires/index.cfm?Product=198322 or 800-211-8307.