The K-COR wishes to remind the Kosher consumer of the accepted custom to be stringent on Pas Yisroel during Aseres Yemei T’shuva. Please be advised that bread and cake products at the K-COR certified Dunkin Donuts store, and at Gold ‘n’ Greens restaurant at Wayne State University, are not Pas Yisroel. Also, the following K-COR certified products are not Pas Yisroel:
  • Pita breads under the names Sophia, American Bakery Products, Perfection, Meijer and Trader Joe’s
  • Lawash flatbreads from American Bakery Products
  • Cookies by Design in W. Bloomfield
For further information, please contact the K-COR.
The K-COR wishes everyone a G’mar Chasima Tova.