• Plag Hamincha is at 7:05 pm.  Those making early Shabbos should complete Mincha before then and light candles at that time.  All three paragraphs of Krias Shema should be repeated after nightfall at 9:20 pm.
  • Zman candle lighting is at 8:16 pm.  Those accepting Shabbos at the Zman should complete Mincha before 8:34 pm.
  • Sefiras Haomer should be counted after 9:20 pm.


  • Honetz Hachama (sunrise) is at 6:26 am.
  • Sof Zman Krias Shema (M”A) is at 9:22 am or 9:58 am (Gr”a.)
  • Sof Zman Tefillah is at 11:09 am (Gr”a.)
  • This Shabbos we read Acharei Mos and Kedoshim. The Haftorah is from Acharei Mos from the Navi, Amos (9:7-15)
  • Some have the custom to recite the special Mi Shebearach for those who will undertake to fast during the three fast days of Behab which are this coming Monday, Thursday and the following Monday
  • Mincha on Shabbos day should be recited after 2:05 pm.
  • Avos Perek Gimmel.
  • Shkiah (sunset) on Shabbos day is at 8:35 pm.  Mincha should be completed before then.
  • Shabbos concludes at 9:21 pm (Rabbenu Tam at 9:47 pm) Havdalah and Sefiras Haomer should not be recited before then.

The final time to recite Kiddush Levana is the entire night following Wednesday, May 6.

This coming Friday, May 8 is Pesach Sheini.  Some have the Minhag to omit Tachanun.