As per the call of the Moetzes Gedolei Hatorah, the Vaad Harabbonim of Detroit is calling on the entire Jewish community, men, women and older children, to beseech Hashem Yisborach for the speedy, safe return of the three bochurim kidnapped in Eretz Yisrael.

The suggested format is for each shul to call for a special session of Minchah, followed by Tehillim, followed by Maariv, according to the schedule that best fits each kehilla’s time table.

The names of the bochurim are:
איל בן איריס תשורה
גלעד מיכאל בן בת גלים
יעקב נפתלי בן רחל דבורה

The recommended Tehillim are:

said together
יג, כ, כב, לה, מג, מד, סט, עז, עט, פג, צ, קב, קז

said posuk by posuk
קכא, קל, קמב

Women who are unable to come to shul should recite this order of Tehilim at home.

May we merit to hear בשורות טובות