K-COR Information for Pesach 5775 / 2015

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Pesach 5775 / 2015 begins at sundown on Friday evening, April 3.

Oak Park and
West Bloomfield
Candle Lighting 7:42pm 7:43pm
Latest time to eat chometz
Magen Avraham (72 min.) 11:04am 11:05am
Magen Avraham (72 deg.) 10:59am 11:00am
Gra & Baal HaTanya 11:28am 11:29am
Latest time to burn chometz
Magen Avraham (72 min.) 12:20pm 12:21pm
Magen Avraham (72 deg.) 12:18pm 12:18pm
Gra & Baal HaTanya 12:32pm 12:33pm