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PSAK HALACHA regarding status of food prepared with the non-Kosher for Pesach B’GAN UNSALTED MARGARINE SPREAD : The poskim that were consulted have ruled that any food that was made with the margarine in which the margarine is less than 50% of the recipe, may be used for Pesach. No kashering is required. Any unused product should not be used for Pesach.

2021-3-25 Pesach Update PDF

J&J WHIPPED COTTAGE CHEESE in 16 oz. containers with a Best If Used By date of 04/18/21, and J&J SOUR CREAM in 16 oz. containers with a Best If Used By date of 05/05/21, were produced during a special Pesach production. Some of these containers inadvertently do not have Pesach marking, but they are nevertheless Kosher for Pesach.

YODER’S ORANGE JUICE in 52 oz. bottles with a plain OU, that have the letters KFP in the ink jet code on the bottle below the Best By date, are Kosher for Pesach.

Some 16 oz. containers of NATURAL & KOSHER ITALIAN COLLECTION RICOTTA CHEESE with a plain OK-D and no Pesach marking were mistakenly placed in the Pesach section at The Grove [One Stop] for a short time. These containers are not Kosher for Pesach. Please check every container.

SHNEIDER’S MA PUREE MASHED POTATOES with Lot # L185597 is marked as Pareve and Kosher for Pesach, but has been recalled because some packages may contain non-Kosher dairy mashed potatoes. This product with the above lot number should not be used.

2021-3-21 Pesach Update PDF

THE GROVE [ONE STOP] PRE-CHECKED ROMAINE LETTUCE will be produced specially for Pesach later this week (not before Wednesday), and requires special Pesach marking.

HAIN IODIZED SEA SALT, made in Belgium, was mistakenly in the Pesach section at The Grove [One Stop] for a short time. This product contains dextrose which may be chometz. (In Europe, dextrose is produced mainly from wheat fermentation.)

BROWN SUGAR requires Pesach certification or Pesach approval. Brown sugar that bears the Vaad Harabbonim’s K-COR symbol, such as Big Chief and Pioneer brands, is not acceptable for Pesach. Other brands in the Michigan area that bear the K-COR symbol, such as Kroger and Baker’s Corner [Aldi] brands, are also not acceptable for Pesach. The listing of these two brands on page 74 of the OU Pesach Guide refers only to Kroger and Baker’s Corner brands in areas where they bear an OU symbol.

RAW PASTEURIZED ALMONDS, including whole, sliced or slivered (but not blanched, and not ground), that are commercially packaged and do not list any additives or preservatives, are acceptable for Pesach, unless the label states that wheat is present in the same facility.

MA COHEN’S CREAMED FILLET OF HERRING – OU-D that bears Pesach marking (either OU-P or “Kosher for Passover” in a circle below the OU), and the date FEB 22 or FEB 24 stamped on the label, is Cholov Yisroel in all sizes, although the labels do not state Cholov Yisroel. This is a one-time event; no other productions are or will be Cholov Yisroel.

SEVENTH GENERATION DISH LIQUID – OU is acceptable for Pesach without Pesach marking, and is also available in a “Free & Clear” variety, that is ideal for those looking for a fruit / vegetable wash for Pesach with no dyes or fragrances.

BABY / CHILDREN PRODUCTS:. For the convenience of our readers, we list here a summary of some commonly used Baby / Children products approved for Pesach by Rabbi Bess and Star-K or other reliable sources:

Advil Children’s Junior Strength Coated Tablets
Bayer Children’s Aspirin
Benadryl Children’s Allergy liquid and Dye-Free liquid – all flavors
Benadryl Children’s Allergy chewable tablets – Grape
Motrin Children’s Suspension – all flavors
Motrin Infants’ Drops – all flavors
Sudafed PE Children’s Nasal Decongestant – Berry
Sudafed PE Children’s Cold & Cough – Grape
Tylenol Children’s Suspension – all flavors
Tylenol Infants’ Suspension – all flavors
MiraLax Powder

Remember – check every label for Pesach certification!

We wish all our readers a Chag Kosher V’Sameach

The Vaad Harabbonim presents the online PesachGram.

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A PDF version of the PesachGram is also available for view and download:

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2021-3-5 KosherGram PDF

KEMACH SANDWICH COOKIES (all varieties) that were produced in 2021 are Chodosh, not Yoshon, even if the package states Yoshon. These can be identified by the number 21 at the end of the date code (e.g. 032 21).

ENFAMIL PROSOBEE SOY INFANT FORMULA POWDER has changed from OU Pareve to OU Dairy Equipment.

ORGANIC BITTERSWEET CHOCOLATE CHIPS from Z NATURAL FOODS is certified by EarthKosher as Dairy Equipment. Some labels are inadvertently missing the DE designation.

QUAKER BANANAS & CREAM INSTANT OATMEAL sold in Canada was incorrectly labelled without a Dairy designation. This product is certified COR Dairy.

WISE SALSA (sauces) – all varieties: The OU certified many varieties of Wise Salsas. Due to changes at Wise Foods, the OU can no longer certify them, and new jars will not bear the OU symbol. Jars that still bear the OU symbol are certified. Check each jar.

FOOD CLUB RICE MEDLEY WITH HERBS is not OU certified. Some boxes bear an unauthorized OU symbol. If you see this product in the marketplace, please provide details to

‘100% ORGANIC GLYCERINE’ being sold by ARYAN INTERNATIONAL of Greater Noida, UP, India, with only a Star-K symbol on the label is not authorized. Glycerin from Aryan International is required to display the Rabbi’s Hebrew signature in addition to the Star-K symbol, in order to be certified.

WILTON SPRINKLES RECALL: Wilton Brands has announced a national recall of all lots of six sprinkles products and one kit containing affected sprinkles, because they may contain undeclared milk. People who have an allergy or severe sensitivity to milk run the risk of serious allergic reaction if they consume these products.
Details are available at or 800-794-5866.


KIRKLAND SIGNATURE BLANCHED ALMOND FLOUR at Costco: Some bags bear a Kof-K Pareve symbol (without Pesach marking), and some bags bear a K type symbol with the words “Certified for Passover”. Both types may be used for Pesach.

BLUE DIAMOND ALMOND FLOUR with a plain OK symbol may be used for Pesach.

GEFEN COCONUT MILK is certified by both the Volover Rav, Rabbi N.E. Teitelbaum, and the OU. The Volover Rav has issued a notice that all Gefen Coconut Milk (Sweetened and Unsweetened) is not Kosher for Pesach, despite the “Kosher for Pesach” print on the label. The OU maintains that this product is acceptable for use on
Pesach when bearing Pesach marking.

GREAT VALUE CONFECTIONERS POWDERED SUGAR (Walmart): Some on-line pictures of this product mistakenly show a UMK-P symbol. This contains corn starch and is not Kosher for Pesach. The actual product does not bear Pesach marking.