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2022-9-20 KosherGram PDF

PAS YISROEL: The K-COR wishes to remind consumers of the accepted custom to be stringent on Pas Yisroeduring Aseres Yemei T’shuva. Please be advised that many K-COR certified establishments produce or sell some bread and cake products that are not Pas Yisroel. Please ask the Mashgiach or call the K-COR office for details regarding specific establishments. 

  • The following establishments are totally Pas Yisroel: ZEMAN’S, BAKE STATION, DAKOTA BREAD COMPANY,  JERUSALEM PIZZA, PIZZA STOP, SPREADS BAGELS & CAFÉ, PRIME 10, SOUL CAFÉ RESTAURANT, KAPLAN CAKES, and YODELS ‘N MORE.  At THE GROVE [One Stop] FRESH BAKERY dept., all items that are sold loose, or repackaged with a Grove label, are Pas Yisroel. 
  • KORDAS’ breads, rolls, and buns from METROPOLITAN BAKING CO. bearing the K-COR symbol are Pas   Yisroel, except for Pita Bread which is not Pas Yisroel.  
  • MILANO BAKERY bread and rolls that bear the K-COR symbol are Pas Yisroel*, except for Milano Bread Sticks which are not Pas Yisroel.
  • SPECIALLY SELECTED brand SMALL BATCH SOURDOUGH LOAFITALIAN BREAD and any other Specially Selected breads at Aldi bearing a Scroll K symbol are Pas Yisroel.
  • TRADER JOE’S brand of CHOCOLATE BROOKLYN BABKA, CINNAMON BROOKLYN BABKA, and             HALF MOON COOKIES that bear OU Pareve are Pas Yisroel. (They are no longer Yoshon.)
  • TRADER JOE’S ORGANIC FRENCH ROLLS and TRADER JOE’S ORGANIC FRENCH BAGUETTE that bear MK certification [Montreal] are Pas Yisroel*.
  • TRADER JOE’S CHALLAH – BRAIDED EGG BREAD that bears an Earth K symbol and states “Pas Yisroel” is Pas Yisroel.
  • TRADER JOE’S SPROUTED WHEAT 7-GRAIN BREAD that bears an OK and states “Pas Yisroel” is Pas Yisroel*.

     [NOTE: Trader Joe’s Sprouted Wheat Sourdough Bread and Sprouted Wheat Multigrain Bread bearing a Star-K are not Pas Yisroel.]

  • GOLDBERGS FINE FOODS CHALLAH TWIN PACK TRADITIONAL that bears an OK and states “Pas Yisroel” (available at Costco) is Pas Yisroel.
  • NATURAL OVENS BAKERY KETO-FRIENDLY WHITE BREAD with an OU ink jetted on the individually wrapped loaves (available at Costco) is Pas Yisroel.
  • S. ROSEN’S breads, buns and rolls with an OU (available at Costco) are Pas Yisroel*.
  • FOOD FOR LIFE EZEKIEL SPROUTED GRAIN BREADS with the Kof-K symbol are Pas Yisroel*. The Pocket Bread, however, is not Pas Yisroel.
  • MATT’S BAKERY COOKIES with OK Pareve are Pas Yisroel*.
  • LILLY’S BABKA, RUGELACH and other cakes and cookies with an OU from Lilly’s Baking Company / Brooklyn Brands are Pas Yisroel. (The labels no longer need to state Pas Yisroel. They are not Yoshon.)

   * per the “glow-plug method” [an electrical heating element turned on by the Mashgiach], which most Kashrus agencies consider Pas Yisroel. (The OU, however, does not accept this as Pas Yisroel, based on the psak of Rabbi Yisroel Belsky zt’l.)



  • Standard honey goes through a filtering process, which removes the non-Kosher bee parts. Even “raw and unfiltered” honey is usually strained, to remove the bee parts. However, some completely unprocessed honeys are neither filtered nor strained. If the label or the manufacturer states that the honey is not strained, or if bee parts are visible, that honey should be avoided.
  • Forest honey”, “Honeydew honey”, and “Beechwood honey” (or honey named after other types of trees such as Pine, Fir, Oak, etc.), generally refer to honey produced by bees that have consumed the non-Kosher excretions of aphids and scale insects left on trees (as opposed to standard honey produced from flower nectar). These are not considered Kosher according to some opinions, and should be avoided.
  • “Royal Jelly” is a bee product that, unlike regular honey, is an actual secretion of the bee. Some Poskim therefore rule that it is not included in the permitted category of “honey”, and it should be avoided.


  • The frozen Rainbow Trout fish heads now being sold at Superior Kosher Meats are completely fresh water raised, and do not need to be checked for lice.
  • Rainbow Trout from Norway are heavily infested, and require thorough cleaning and checking [see below].

The following is from New Square Kashrus Council:

  • White fish: White fish heads are free of infestation concern.
  • Salmon/Baby Salmon: Salmon heads [even farm raised] are commonly infested with salmon lice (brownish parasites ranging in size from approximately 1-3 cm).

             ·   The entire gills must be removed. (It may be easier to first cut the head in half before cleaning).

             ·   Rinse the head thoroughly with water while rubbing all surfaces of the head (inside and outside), including all cracks, crevices and folds, and under and around the tongue. Inspect the head to make sure it is clean.

One who wants to avoid the checking process may just rinse the head and cook the head in a separate pot, take a small piece from the flesh of the head, and visually inspect it before eating to make sure there is no foreign object on it. 

  • Carp: Carp heads may be infested with very small transparent insects called Argulus that are very hard to detect. There is no known method to clean infested carp heads properly, and they should not be used unless checked by an expert.

BLACK EYED PEAS are often infested and require careful checking. The following is based on the Star-K procedure for checking dried, canned or frozen black eyed peas, and applies even if the product bears Kashrus certification. (Note: All canned peas and beans always require Kashrus certification, for general Kashrus concerns.) 

  • Dried black eyed peas should first be boiled in water. After they have been fully cooked, turn off the flame and allow them to soak in the water for 2-3 hours.  The peas will swell and the peel will become translucent. Then check as below.
  • Canned or frozen black eyed peas may be checked straight out of the can/bag; there is no need to boil or soak.
  • To check (all types): Take the black eyed peas and inspect for holes or dark-colored stains, as this may indicate an insect beneath the thin peel.  If there is a dark spot on the peel, remove the thin skin and check if there is a cavity with a bug in it. (The black “eye” spot is not a sign of infestation.  Similarly, orange colored stains on the surface are not signs of infestation; only dark or black stains are of concern.)

[Note: For those who prefer not to rely on checking, some Poskim advise that the Rosh Hashana simanim custom can be fulfilled without eating the item, by placing it on the table and looking at it.]


New GLACEAU VITAMINWATER ZERO SUGAR “LOOK” – BLUEBERRY HIBISCUS FCB Slurpee syrup is Kosher and pareve (no symbol required). The label on the syrup box in the back must be checked to verify the brand and flavor. 

SOUTHERN GROVE OVEN ROASTED ALMONDS at Aldi in some regions, including Michigan and Ohio, no longer bears an OU. Always check the label.

KROGER, MEIJER and GREAT VALUE [Walmart] brands of PRETZELS that previously had a plain OK symbol, including Pretzel Sticks, Pretzel Rods and Pretzel Mini Twists, are now changing to an OK-D symbol due to dairy equipment, and should not be eaten together with meat. Packages that still bear a plain OK symbol are pareve. Several other store brands of OK certified pretzels (e.g., Clancy’s at Aldi) will also be changing status. Check each bag.  (Note: These pretzels are not Pas Yisroel.)

SUPER K FORTUNE COOKIES from KARI-OUT COMPANY, White Plains, NY, are Kosher only when bearing the OU symbol on the case and also on each individually wrapped cookie. Cases not bearing the OU, and cookies not bearing the OU on their individual wrapper, were produced by a non-certified supplier. Some cases bearing an OU were found to mistakenly contain some non-certified cookies mixed in that did not bear an OU. Check each wrapper.  (Note: These cookies are not Pas Yisroel.)

LUNCH BUDDIES FRUIT CUPS IN 100% FRUIT JUICE sold at Aldi, including Yellow Cling Diced Peaches, Diced Pears, and Mandarin Oranges, bear an unauthorized Star-K and are being recalled. These products contain grape juice.

OMENA ORGANICS FROZEN BROCCOLI bears an unauthorized Star-K symbol. This was found in Midwest markets, including Whole Foods.

NIBBLES & NUTS GIFT BASKETS and TRAYS (Oak Park/Farmington Hills, MI) bear a sticker on some packages stating “All products in this box or basket are Kosher”. Please be aware that these baskets and trays have no Kosher certification and are prepared without any Kashrus supervision, and therefore should not be accepted as Kosher.


SIMILAC ALIMENTUM BABY FORMULA packaged in 32 fl. oz. plastic bottles with Lot No. 41740RH00 and Best By date 06/01/23, which was distributed in Ohio and Michigan, has been recalled due to a packaging defect that that could cause health risks for babies.  Details are available at  .   

[Note: This formula is not Kosher approved, but is Halachically permitted in certain circumstances upon consultation with a Rav.]

                         We Wish All a K’siva v’Chasima Tova

2022-7-28 KosherGram PDF


RITA’S ITALIAN ICE & FROZEN CUSTARD OF FARMINGTON HILLS at 11 Mile & Middlebelt is under supervision of the Vaad Harabbonim / Council of Orthodox Rabbis of Greater Detroit, as Dairy non-Cholov Yisroel. Many flavors of the Italian Ices contain only pareve ingredients, but may contain traces of dairy; a list is posted at the store. Cream Ices are Dairy.

ICE CREAM and FROZEN YOGURT STORES often claim that they are Kosher and may post Kosher certification letters, which leads consumers to believe that the store and its products are under supervision. In fact, in most cases, the letters refer only to specific products or ingredients which are factory produced under supervision, and are certified only when in their original sealed packaging bearing Kosher marking. Once the unsupervised store opens the packaging, the certification is no longer valid. Unless the consumer verifies that there is actual on-site reliable Rabbinical supervision of the entire individual retail store, no ice cream, yogurt, syrups or toppings should be considered Kosher except for those in their original sealed containers bearing a reliable Kosher certification.

The following are some stores in our area that are not under supervision: Clark’s Ice Cream and Yogurt, Haagen-Dazs, Menchie’s, Oberweis, and TCBY.

It is always preferable to buy at fully supervised stores. Locally, soft serve Cholov Yisroel ice cream is available at Jerusalem Pizza and Soul Cafe. Hard pack Cholov Yisroel ice cream is available at Spreads Bagels & Café. Hard pack non-Cholov Yisroel ice cream and yogurt is available at Baskin-Robbins/Dunkin’ Donuts at 10 Mile & Greenfield in Oak Park (which is K-COR certified for all products). Packaged Cholov Yisroel ice cream is available at The Grove Kosher Market.

If it is necessary to purchase hard pack ice cream or yogurt from an unsupervised store, the consumer should request and see a sealed container before it is opened, and check for the Kosher certification mark on the container. In addition, the scoop should be thoroughly washed.

Soft serve ice cream or yogurt should not be purchased from an unsupervised store, because of the inability to verify that Kosher mix was put into the machine.

THE FOLLOWING NEW SODAS ARE KOSHER, even without any Kashrus symbol:

  • PEPPER DARK BERRY (regular and Zero Sugar)

MOUNTAIN DEW KICKSTART, MOUNTAIN DEW ENERGY [formerly Mountain Dew “Rise” Energy], and MOUNTAIN DEW GAME FUEL ENERGY DRINKS contain grape juice [except for Game Fuel “Zero” varieties], and are acceptable only when bearing a K or a recognized Kosher symbol, or when bearing the letters XG in the middle of the second line of the inkjet code on bottom of the can.

Other Mountain Dew products that are produced in the USA, Canada, and Mexico are acceptable without any symbol or code.

New FRUITWORKS REAL SUGAR MANGO LEMONADE FCB Slurpee syrup is Kosher and pareve (no symbol required). The label on the syrup box in the back must be checked to verify the brand and flavor.

GATORADE ZERO THIRST QUENCHER in Grape and Fruit Punch flavors in 12 oz., 20 oz. and 28 oz. bottles is OU certified and pareve, even though the labels currently do not bear the OU symbol.

GATORADE ZERO “WITH PROTEIN” THIRST QUENCHER in 16.9 oz. bottles contains whey, a dairy ingredient, and bears OU-D.

THE CHODOSH SEASON is fast approaching for Oats, Spring Wheat and Barley. Oats may be Chodosh by approximately August 3, Spring Wheat by August 12, and Barley by August 15.  There may be shortages of Yoshon grain this year. Those who want to purchase Yoshon items to store over the Chodosh season should do so now.  Please note that all grain and flour products that will be stored should be refrigerated to avoid insect infestation.

TRADER JOE’S ORGANIC POPS lollipops in retail bags with a Kof-K symbol have been discontinued. The lollipops that are being offered locally to children at the checkout counters are currently coming in to Trader Joe’s in bulk with no Kosher marking, and should not be accepted as Kosher.

ALDI’S EARTH GROWN brand DAIRY FREE SHREDDED MOZZARELLA and EARTH GROWN DAIRY FREE CHEDDAR STYLE SHREDS products are being sold in two versions, from two different suppliers. One version is Kosher and correctly bears OU Pareve; the other version is not Kosher, and does not bear an OU. This situation is being corrected with the non-Kosher version being discontinued. Check each package carefully for the OU symbol.

ALDI’S FROZEN BROCCOLI, SPINACH and CAULIFLOWER products, sold under the Simply Nature and Season’s Choice brands, products of Mexico, and Aldi’s SIMPLY NATURE OIL SPRAYS (Coconut, Avocado, Olive, Grapeseed) bear an MK symbol (an MK in a circle, with the word Kosher in Hebrew and English inside the circle to the right of the K) in some regions. Consumers should be aware that this is not the MK of Montreal or Manchester.

KROGER HEARTY VEGETABLE READY TO SERVE SOUP in an 18.8 oz. can is still pictured on Kroger’s website with an OU symbol, but the actual product does not bear an OU, and lost its Kosher status two years ago.

SMUCKER’S UNCRUSTABLES SANDWICHES: OU certification of these products, in all flavors, will be discontinued over the next few months due to supply chain issues. Packaging which still bears the OU symbol is Kosher. Check each package carefully.

GOLD NUT NATURAL DRIED GUAVA (Discs) have been found to be infested, and should not be used. Consumers are advised to return products to the point of purchase.

B&G GHERKINS UPDATE: The Star-K has identified an additional lot of B&G Gherkins found to contain insect infestation. The following are the affected lot codes (printed on the side of the lid). These lots should not be used:

  • #25021 – Best By Feb 25 2023
  • #09031 – Best By Mar 09 2023
  • #24061 – Best By Jun 24 2023
  • #25061 – Best byJun 25 2023 – newly identified

Consumers of other lots currently on the market are advised to slice open each gherkin to check for possible infestation.

METAMUCIL PRODUCTS INFORMATION from Star-K: Consumers are advised that new Metamucil Fiber + Collagen Peptides Rejuvenation Blend contains collagen, which is a non-Kosher ingredient, and is not approved for use. Consumers are also advised that Metamucil Psyllium Fiber Capsules contain gelatin, a non-Kosher ingredient.

While Metamucil products are not certified, the Star-K site previously listed “All Powders” as being approved. That information has since been updated. The Metamucil powders listed below are currently approved:


  • Real Sugar Orange
  • Real Sugar Orange Smooth
  • Real Sugar Unflavored Coarse
  • Sugar-Free Berry Smooth
  • Sugar-Free Orange
  • Sugar-Free Orange Smooth
  • Sugar-Free Unflavored Smooth

ENJOY LIFE brand SEA SALT LENTIL CHIPS are certified cRc D.E. (dairy equipment). Some packages were mistakenly labeled cRc Pareve.

JEWEL OSCO brand FROSTED SUGAR COOKIES, produced by Granny B’s cookies, mistakenly bear an OU on some labels. These cookies contain carmine, an insect derived coloring.

DELL’ ALPE brand MARINARA SAUCE bears an unauthorized cRc symbol and is not Kosher.

McCLURE’S BAKERY BUTTER & EGG DINNER ROLL and CHEESE BREAD products are not OU certified. Some labels bear an unauthorized OU symbol.

PREMIUM FOOD SOURCE BAMBOO SHOOTS, distributed by Limson Trading, Inc. (64 oz. can), bears an unauthorized Kof-K symbol.


ENJOY LIFE PRODUCTS RECALL: Many Enjoy Life brand Soft Baked Cookies, Chewy Bars, Breakfast Ovals and Brownie Bites with specific Best By dates have been recalled due to the potential presence of hard plastic pieces in the products. Details are available at  or 855-543-5335.

TRADER JOE’S SOFT-BAKED SNICKERDOODLES COOKIES with Best By date 2/03/2023 has been recalled due to the potential presence of hard plastic pieces in the product. Details are available at   or 626-599-3817.


Post-Pesach 5782 Information – Detroit Area

CHOMETZ may be purchased immediately after Pesach at the following stores in the Detroit area, except for Dunkin Donuts (10 & Greenfield) where chometz should not be bought until 10:20 PM, due to the Halachic requirement of  “bichdei sh’yaasu”.


All K-COR establishments



Busch’s Fresh Food Market



Dollar Tree Stores

Family Dollar Stores

GFS (Gordon Food Service)

Joe Randazzo’s Fruit Market

Kroger [Detroit area]

Lincoln Rx Pharmacy



Plum Market

Rite Aid

Sam’s Club

Superior Kosher Meats

Target [Detroit area]

The Grove

Trader Joe’s




Whole Foods

It is advisable to wait two weeks after Pesach (May 8) before buying “pure” chometz products (e.g., bread, grain cereals, pasta, cookies and pretzels) at Jewish-owned stores that do not observe Pesach, even if they made a Mechiras Chometz before Pesach, due to the possibility that new chometz was received during Pesach. This includes Restaurant Depot and Natural Food Patch. It is permitted to purchase most other products immediately after Pesach, including pearled raw barley, dry cake mixes, flour (without malted barley), glue, all kitniyos, ketchup, mayonnaise, medicines, mustard, vinegar, vitamin tablets, baker’s yeast, and yeast extract.

2022-4-13 Pesach Update PDF

PACKAGES OF THE FOLLOWING PRODUCTS WITHOUT PESACH MARKING were mistakenly placed in the Pesach section at The Grove. Check every label of your purchases for Pesach marking:

  • SHUFRA REAL CHOCOLATE CHIPS some non-Pesach bags (“48% Cacao”) may have been mixed with the Pesach-marked bags (“55% Cacao”).


  • DOLE CREAMY COLESLAW KIT mistakenly bears an OK-P symbol on some bags. While the cabbage/salad is approved for Pesach, the enclosed sealed dressing packet is not approved for Pesach.
  • 1800 brand TEQUILA PRODUCTS bear an unauthorized OK-Psymbol on some bottles. This company and its products are not certified by OK Kosher Certification.

YODER’S ORANGE JUICE in 52 oz. bottles with a plain OU, that have the letters KFP in the ink jet code on the bottle below the Best By date, are Kosher for Pesach.

DOLE ANGEL HAIR COLESLAW: On some bags, the P for Pesach is before the date, instead of the usual location next to the OK symbol; these bags are certified for Pesach.


The AM FRESH NORTH AMERICA GRAPEFRUIT currently being sold at Costco locally are produce of Israel, as stated on the plastic bag closures, and as stated on the cases (“Jaffa / Mehadrin – Israel”), and require taking of Terumos and Maaseros. They are not Shemitah produce at this time, and will not be until August 2022.

SNAPPLE FRUIT PUNCH mistakenly bears an OK symbol on some 32 oz. bottles. This product contains grape juice and is not certified Kosher.


                        Remember – check every label for Pesach certification!

                            We wish all our readers a Chag Kosher V’Sameach



2022-4-5 Pesach Update PDF

THE FOLLOWING PRODUCTS were for a brief time mistakenly placed in the Pesach section at The Grove Kosher Market. Please check every label of your purchases:

  • MEHADRIN GREEK CHEESE SNACK is made in both Pesach and non-Pesach versions. Some non-Pesach packages were mistakenly placed in the Pesach section.
  • SEASON SARDINES require an OU-P for Pesach. Some plain OU cans were mistakenly in the Pesach section.
  • LA BONNE SOY SAUCE and LA BONNE TERIYAKI SAUCE with Kitniyos certification were mistakenly in the Pesach section, instead of in the separate Kitniyos section.


  • LIEBER’S WHITE TRUFFLE OIL and LIEBER’S BLACK TRUFFLE OIL mistakenly state Kosher for Pesach; they are not certified for Pesach. This applies also to last year’s product.
  • “SIMPLY POPCORN” POPCORN IN BAGS from New England Pretzel & Popcorn Co. is not an OU certified product. Some bags bear an unauthorized OU-P symbol.
  • SONNY & JOE’S HUMMUS in 30 lb. containers are certified OU Kitniyot. Some containers were mistakenly labeled with an OU-P symbol.
  • SYSCO ALL PURPOSE H&R FLOUR bears an unauthorized OU-P symbol on some 50 lb. bags.

BABY / CHILDREN PRODUCTS:. For the convenience of our readers, we list here a summary of some commonly used Baby / Children products approved for Pesach by Rabbi Bess and Star-K or other reliable sources:

Advil Children’s Junior Strength Coated Tablets

Advil Children’s Suspension – all flavors

Advil Infants’ Drops – Grape

Bayer Children’s Aspirin

Benadryl Children’s Allergy liquid and Dye-Free liquid – all flavors

Benadryl Children’s Allergy chewable tablets – Grape

Kosher-Meds Children’s Ibuprofen Suspension – Berry Flavor – OU

Motrin Children’s Suspension – all flavors

Motrin Infants’ Drops – all flavors

Sudafed PE Children’s Nasal Decongestant – Berry

Sudafed PE Children’s Cold & Cough – Grape

Tylenol Children’s Cold + Cough + Runny Nose liquid

Tylenol Children’s Cold + Cough + Sore Throat liquid

Tylenol Children’s Suspension – all flavors

Tylenol Infants’ Suspension – all flavors 

MiraLax Powder


                    Remember – check every label for Pesach certification!

                    We wish all our readers a Chag Kosher V’Sameach


The Vaad Harabbonim presents the online PesachGram.

The PesachGram may take a moment to load and appear. Click on the bottom icon on left of frame for fullscreen.

A PDF version of the PesachGram is also available for view and download:

PesachGram PDF

Atzeres Hesped – Maran Rav Chaim Kanievsky ZT”L

A recording is below. Speakers included:

  • Opening Remarks – Rav Yisroel Menachem Levin Shlita, Rov, Bais Tefillah
  • Rav Shimon Galai Shlita, Rov, Bnei Brak (00:12:00)
  • Rav Shmuel Irons Shlita, Rosh Hakollel, Kollel Avreichim of Detroit (00:39:30)
  • Rav Gershon Miller Shlita, Rosh Hamosad, Yeshiva Bais Yehudah (01:01:30)

Listen Here

2022-3-16 KosherGram PDF


THE FOLLOWING NEW SODAS / DRINKS ARE KOSHER, even without any Kashrus symbol:

  • MOUNTAIN DEW SPARK regular and Zero Sugar

COCA-COLA STARLIGHT – regular and Zero Sugar – is Kosher and bears an OU on the bottle cap or engraved into the can lid.

NEW SLURPEE SYRUPS: [This information is for the benefit of Kashrus Supervisors and consumers who inspect, with permission of store management, the labels on the 2.5 / 5 gal. bag-in-boxes of syrups in the back of the store, which feed the Slurpee machines. The flavor cards posted on the Slurpee machines in front cannot be relied upon to determine the Kosher status of the Slurpee, because they often do not correspond with the brand and variety of the syrup that is actually feeding the machine.]

The following new Slurpee FCB syrups are Kosher and pareve:

  • BRISK ICED TEA – BLOOD ORANGE FCB (no symbol required)    •  FANTA TIGER’S BLOOD FCB (no symbol required)

ALDI frequently changes suppliers for its store brands [private label] products, which are sold under such names as Baker’s Corner, Benton’s, Burman’s, Carlini, Clancy’s, Countryside Creamery, Friendly Farms, Little Salad Bar, Millville, and others. The Kashrus status of these products can therefore change from week to week; and even at the same time, there may be a mixture of seemingly identical products on the shelf, some with acceptable Kashrus certification and some without, or some pareve and some dairy. Carefully check each individual item for proper Kashrus marking.

Following are two recent changes in the Detroit area. (Other regions of the U.S. may differ.)

  • FRIENDLY FARMS ORIGINAL YOGURT – 6 oz., in various fruit flavors: Previously had an OU-D [plant # 36-1287]. Now has a K [plant # 34-865] and contains unacceptable gelatin.
  • FRIENDLY FARMS ALMOND MILK previously had a plain OU [plant # JP]. Now has an OU-D, due to Dairy Equipment [plant # 18-388].

PREWASHED BRANDS OF ICEBERG LETTUCE SALADS that normally bear Kosher certification, such as Fresh Express [Star-K], Dole [OK], and Kroger, Aldi’s Little Salad Bar and Walmart’s Marketside store brands [OK], may be appearing without Kosher marking during the next few weeks, due to increased infestation levels in the growing areas. Cabbage / coleslaw products may also be affected. Carefully check each bag for the Kosher symbol.

KEMACH SPLIT PEA SOUP MIX with expiration date 11232023 needs to be checked for possible infestation. Dead insects resemble small, black round dirt particles. A bag that has black specks should not be used. [Rabbi Nussen N. Horowitz]

CALIFORNIA DELIGHT RICE NOODLES with lot code 0781 has been found to be infested and should not be used. It can be returned for a full refund. [Star-K]

B&G GHERKINS have been found to contain insect infestation in jars with the following lot codes (printed on the side of the lid); these jars should not be used: #25021- Best By Feb 25 2023;  #09031- Best By Mar 09 2023;  #24061- Best By Jun 24 2023.  Consumers with other lots are advised to slice open each gherkin to check for possible infestation. Anyone discovering infestation in a lot not listed above is requested to immediately contact and share the lot number and Best By information noted on the lid. Attaching a photograph would also be very helpful. [Star-K]

ARNOLD WHOLE GRAINS HEALTHY MULTI-GRAIN BREAD is certified as an OU-DE [Dairy equipment] product. Some bags are missing the OU-DE symbol, but they are nevertheless OU-DE certified. This may not be eaten at a meat meal.

WELLSLEY FARMS frozen BLUEBERRY WAFFLES and CHOCOLATE CHIP WAFFLES sold at BJ’s contain dairy ingredients and are certified OU-D. Some packages mistakenly bear a plain OU without the D.

FUNABLES FRUITY SNACKS / KEEBLER FUDGE STRIPES COOKIES TREAT MIX (sold locally at Dollar Tree, and possibly bought for Mishloach Manos) mistakenly bears an OK-D on some packages. While the Keebler cookies are Kosher Dairy, the Funables candies are not Kosher.

THEO’S FETA CHEESE bears an unauthorized OU symbol on some packages.  If you see such packages in the marketplace, please provide details to

REDPATH ICING SUGAR, sold in Canada, mistakenly bears a COR-P. This product contains corn starch and is not Kosher for Pesach.

2022-3-1 KosherGram PDF

SOME LIQUOR COMPANIES ARE JEWISH OWNED and do not sell their chometz, and their products, including a number of varieties of American Whiskey, Canadian Whisky, Bourbon, Rye and Scotch, are therefore not permitted due to chometz she’ovar olov haPesach. An extensive list is available on the cRc [Chicago Rabbinical Council] website at . Following are a few examples of common liquors on that list (see details there):

Trader Joe’s – Kentucky Bourbon Straight Whiskey

Kirkland Signature – Barton 1792 Master Distillers Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey  

Buffalo Trace – Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey – Unflavored

Royal Canadian – Unflavored

New Riff – Bourbon, Rye


REPACKAGED MEAT AND POULTRY: When purchasing meat and poultry, be sure to check that the original packaging and labeling from the Kosher supplier are intact. Recently at a Costco store, next to the Empire Kosher chickens that were in their original packaging, there were other packages that were marked as Kosher on the Costco label, but were not in their original Empire packaging. Following is the OU’s response to this:

Please be advised that the OU can only stand behind product sealed in its original packaging. Any product which has been opened or repackaged should not be assumed kosher. Even if the original packaging was presented alongside the repackaged, the OU would recommend that it not be accepted.

If the Costco store chose to declare the product kosher, this is their own claim. The OU would not corroborate that.


ANISAKIS WORMS IN FISH: The Halachic status of anisakis worms that are found in the flesh of many types of fish, is a matter of much dispute among the Poskim. Many American Kashrus certifications, including the Vaad Harabbonim / Council of Orthodox Rabbis of Greater Detroit, allow these fish. Consult your Rav for guidance. For those who wish to avoid this issue, a list that details which types of fish are affected is available on the COR website at  


COUNTRYSIDE CREAMERY “TASTES LIKE BUTTER!” 40% VEGETABLE OIL SPREAD and  COUNTRYSIDE CREAMERY “COUNTRY RECIPE HOMESTYLE SPREAD” 40% VEGETABLE OIL SPREAD sold at Aldi – Clarification from the OU: These products in rectangular containers that bear a plain OU and do not list dairy ingredients are pareve. – Please note that different versions of these products with an OU-D are available in some regions, and they may contain dairy.


BAKER’S CORNER KETO ALL-PURPOSE BAKING MIX sold at Aldi contains milk ingredients, but mistakenly bears a plain    Kof-K symbol without the Dairy designation.


BURMAN’S YELLOW MUSTARD sold at Aldi is made in two versions. The “Classic” version, which is currently being sold locally, does not bear Kashrus certification. The “Traditional” version, which may be available in some regions, bears an OU. Check each container carefully.


KLEIN’S NATURALS DRIED MANGO  in  25 lb. cases with Lot # 005,  10 lb. cases with Lot # 306968, and  2.5 lb. bags with Lot # C284, have been found to be infested and should not be used. Klein’s retail size bags were checked and found to be free of infestation.


YAMA MOTO YAMA ORIGINAL ROASTED SUSHI NORI SEAWEED30 sheet bags with Kof-K symbol: The Kof-K has announced that additional inspection for infestation is required for the following “Best Before” codes (located on the back of the bag): 07 02 2023 A21 01 2023 A ,  and 25 01 2023 A .  [Note: Checking nori is difficult and is not recommended for the average untrained consumer.]



  • SKY KOSHER EVENTS featured an unauthorized OU symbol on some marketing materials for “Passover in Dubai”. 
  • GRUBHUB.COM, SEAMLESS.COM and associated mobile apps are displaying an unauthorized OK Kosher symbol.


ALEIA’S GLUTEN FREE FOODS: EarthKosher Kosher Certification has announced that effective immediately, all Gluten Free baked goods produced by Aleia’s Gluten Free Bakery in Branford CT, should not be used even when bearing the EarthKosher symbol.



SIMILAC, ELECARE AND ALIMENTUM POWDER INFANT FORMULAS manufactured in Abbott Nutrition’s Sturgis, Michigan plant, and sold in many countries, including Israel, have been recalled due to potential contamination with Cronobacter sakazakii or Salmonella Newport, which can cause severe, life-threatening infections in infants. Details are available at  or 800-986-8540.

ROYAL ICE CREAM, GIFFORD’S and other brands of ice cream products that bear manufacturing plant number “CT#121” have been recalled due to potential contamination with Listeria monocytogenes. Details are available at  or 860-649-5358.

2022-2-1 KosherGram PDF


POMEGRANATES FROM ISRAEL are being sold in the U.S., and require taking of Terumos and Maaseros. (They are not Shemitah produce at this time, and will not be until July 2022.) Check the sticker or original case for the country of origin.  –  We have reason to believe that the pomegranates currently being sold at Westborn Market in Berkley, that do not list any country of origin on their stickers, are from Israel.

GREENFIELD NOODLE CO. has exhausted its stock of Yoshon flour, and is now using Chodosh flour. Chodosh product will not state “Yoshon” next to the expiration date.

LAFFY TAFFY LAFF BITES: Although most Laffy Taffy candies are OU certified, Laffy Taffy Laff Bites contain gelatin and are not OU certified, and do not bear an OU symbol. A Candy Favorites website that lists them as Kosher is incorrect.

ONLINE SHOPPING REMINDER: When shopping online for grocery delivery or curbside pickup, be sure to check the actual label on each item when the order is received. This is essential because many online descriptions or pictures give inaccurate or outdated information regarding the product’s Kosher status. In addition, the store may substitute non-Kosher or non-approved products if the requested item is not available.

One recent example: Member’s Mark California Almonds Roasted with Sea Salt (oil roasted) from Sam’s Club is still pictured online with an OU symbol, but the actual product currently does not bear an OU. 


  • PS SEASONING ROASTED GARLIC CREAMY POTATO SOUP MIX bears an unauthorized KSW symbol [Kosher Supervisors of Wisconsin / Wisconsin Kosher] and contains a non-Kosher ingredient.
  • SPIRITLESS KENTUCKY 74 – The OU does not certify Spiritless Kentucky 74 beverages or any products made by Spiritless.  Some of their marketing materials bear an unauthorized OU symbol. 

BLACKBURN’S JELLIES – Notice from the cRc: Due to Kosher violations, Blackburn’s Grape Jelly and other jelly/jam products produced by T J Blackburn Syrup Works, Inc., Jefferson, TX, are no longer certified and are being recalled. Products with an expiration date of 3-25-23 and later should not be treated as Kosher even when bearing a cRc or Texas-K (a cRc subsidiary) Kosher symbol.


  • Villa Cape 2018 vintage wines which have the importer’s name on the label listed as “Israco International Food Brands Marketing Ltd” bear an unauthorized OK symbol. (The Villa Cape 2018 wines with an OK that do not list “Israco…”  are certified.)
  • Villa Cape 2021 vintage wines bear an unauthorized OK symbol – OK Kosher did not certify any productions in 2021.

MISSING DAIRY DESIGNATION: The following Kosher certified products contain dairy ingredients, but are not labeled correctly as Dairy:

  • COUNTRYSIDE CREAMERY “TASTES LIKE BUTTER!” VEGETABLE OIL SPREAD sold at Aldi mistakenly bears a plain OU symbol without the D on some containers.
  • GREAT VALUE RICOTTA CHEESE sold at Walmart mistakenly bears a plain OU symbol without the D on some containers.

WELLSLEY FARMS MINI CINNAMON ROLLS sold at BJ’s Update from the OU: The correct status of this product is DE [dairy equipment]. The label mistakenly bears only a plain OU.  

BARLEY CHECKING REMINDER: There have been several reports recently of insects found in Gefen Pearl Barley. Many Kashrus agencies recommend that all barley (and in particular Yoshon brands) be checked prior to use. Following are two options for checking:

Soaking Method:

  1. Place all the barley you wish to use in a white bowl, and fill the bowl with water, a few inches over the top of the barley.
  2. Allow to sit for 15-20 minutes. If insects are present, they will float to the top. If any do, repeat the process, and if no more are then found, the barley may be used.

 Plate Method:

  1. Place a small pile of barley – about two ounces at a time – on a white paper plate (not plastic, which creates a shine) with good overhead light that illuminates the plate. 
  2. Use a finger or a fork to drag a small amount of barley away from the pile, spreading that barley in a single layer. Visually inspect the spread-apart barley, looking for webbing, black insects and white or tan worms between or under the kernels. 
  3. Repeat this until the entire pile has been checked. Then do the same for the rest of the barley in the package. 

BROWN RICE CHECKING REMINDER from Star-K: There are reports in a number of cities that infestation is being found in brown rice. Star-K recommends checking brown rice for insects prior to use, as follows:

  1. Place the brown rice (no more than 16 oz. at a time) in a mesh strainer. Mesh size should ideally be #12 mesh or larger.
  2. Shake the brown rice over a lightbox or white paper for 25-30 seconds.
  3. Examine the surface of the lightbox or paper for any insect presence. If no insects are found, the brown rice may be used. If any insects are found, the brown rice should not be used.

CASHEWS notice from OK: The OK Kosher Tolaim Committee has been finding insects and worms in cashews. Consumers should split them open and make a cursory inspection, especially when holes are visible.

KROGER brand CLASSIC GARDEN and WALMART’s MARKETSIDE brand SHREDDED ICEBERG and COLESLAW salads normally bear an OK symbol and are products of USA / Canada. Local stores now have bags that state product of Mexico and bear different symbols. These bags are not recommended. Check each bag carefully. (There may be a mixture of some bags with the OK and some without.)

2021-12-28 KosherGram PDF

SPRITE WINTER SPICED CRANBERRY Limited Edition and SPRITE GINGER sodas, in both regular and Zero Sugar varieties, are Kosher, and bear the OU symbol on the bottle cap or engraved into the can lid.

KRONOS CLASSIC HUMMUS is certified cRc Pareve and is labeled correctly on the individual 4 lb. tubs. The outer cases that state Dairy are outdated and are being used up.

OLITALIA  ITALIAN COLLECTION, currently being sold at Sam’s Club as a Limited Time item, contains a bottle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil with an OU, and a bottle of Balsamic Vinegar of Modena with no Kosher marking. The vinegar contains grape must and wine vinegar, and is not Kosher. The OU symbol on the outer display case refers only to the olive oil.


  • Various FURTHER FOOD COLLAGEN [animal] products bear an unauthorized OK symbol.
  • AMBROSIA BOVINE [animal] COLLAGEN POWDER bears an unauthorized OK symbol
  • Various FLORAJEN PROBIOTICS products bear an unauthorized OK symbol.
  • KOLIKOF BOWFIN CAVIAR bears an unauthorized Star-K symbol.
  • BUCKY BADGER POPCORN products bear an unauthorized KSW symbol [Kosher Supervisors of Wisconsin / Wisconsin Kosher].
  • WILDLY ORGANIC / WILDERNESS FAMILY NATURALS GOJI BERRIES mistakenly bear the EarthKosher symbol on some packaging. [Note: All brands of Goji Berries should be avoided, due to serious infestation issues.]


  • WELLSLEY FARMS MINI CINNAMON ROLLS sold at BJ’s – contains milk, but mistakenly bears a plain OU symbol without the D.
  • 7-SELECT CHOCOLATE PUDDING and 7-SELECT VANILLA PUDDING sold at 7-Eleven contain milk and cream, but mistakenly bear a plain OU symbol without the D.


COCA-COLA and SPRITE in 12 oz. cans with specific date codes on the bottom of the can [Coca-Cola: AUG1522WMB and AUG1522WMC; Sprite: AUG1522WMB] have been recalled due to the potential presence of foreign matter. These products were distributed in the Southeastern states. Details are available at   or 800-438-2653.

DOLE SALADS RECALL:  Dole has recalled all Dole branded and private label salads produced at its Bessemer City, NC and Yuma, AZ processing facilities due to possible contamination with Listeria monocytogenes.  These products bear either the letter N or Y in the beginning of the code below the Use By date, and will have a “Best if Used By” date between November 30, 2021, and January 8, 2022. This includes various iceberg/ Garden Salad and coleslaw products bearing OK certification under the following brand names: DOLE, KROGER, LITTLE SALAD BAR [Aldi], MARKETSIDE [Walmart], LIDL, and AHOLD. (Also Dole Shredded Carrots.) Details are available at  or 800-356-3111.

FRESH EXPRESS SALADS RECALL: Fresh Express is recalling Fresh Express branded and private label salads produced at its Streamwood, Illinois facility due to possible contamination with Listeria monocytogenes.  These products bear the letter Z in the beginning of the code below the Use By date. The recall includes all Use By dates with product codes Z324 through Z350, and includes various iceberg/ Garden Salad and coleslaw products bearing Star-K certification under the following brand names: FRESH EXPRESS, LITTLE SALAD BAR [Aldi], MARKETSIDE [Walmart], GIANT EAGLE, and SIGNATURE FARMS [Jewel-Osco]. Details are available at  or 800- 242-5472.

   [NOTE: Little Salad Bar and Marketside salads that bear an OK Kosher symbol (as in the local Detroit area) are produced by Dole. In some areas they are produced by Fresh Express and bear a Star-K.]