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MEIJER brand CANOLA, CANOLA BLEND, CORN and VEGETABLE OILS used to bear an OU on their labels, but no longer do, and may have changed to a non-Kosher supplier. We are in the process of verifying their status.

JACK RABBIT BARLEY with code dates 06Jul18L and 22Sep18L has been found to be infested, and should not be used without checking the product thoroughly.  Each entire bag should be examined by placing a small pile of barley – about two ounces at a time – on a white paper plate (not plastic, which creates a shine) with a very good overhead light that illuminates the plate. Use a finger or a fork to drag a small amount of barley away from the pile, spreading that barley in a single layer. Visually inspect the spread-apart barley, looking for webbing, black insects and white or tan worms between or under the kernels. Repeat this until the entire pile has been checked. Then do the same for the rest of the barley in the package.

Consumers who store barley or other grains for extended amounts of time are advised to store these products in the refrigerator or freezer in order to prevent infestation.

BENECOL ORIGINAL SPREAD and BENECOL LIGHT SPREAD, which in the past were OU Pareve, have recently been reformulated with buttermilk and whey, and now bear OU-D.

BEST CHOICE REFRIED BEANS in Traditional and Jalapeno varieties bear an unauthorized OU symbol on some labels. These products contain lard and are not Kosher.


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The K-COR wishes to remind the Kosher consumer of the accepted custom to be stringent on Pas Yisroel during Aseres Yemei T’shuva. Please be advised that bread and cake products at the K-COR certified Dunkin Donuts store, and at Gold ‘n’ Greens restaurant at Wayne State University, are not Pas Yisroel. Also, the following K-COR certified products are not Pas Yisroel:
  • Pita breads under the names Sophia, American Bakery Products, Perfection, Meijer and Trader Joe’s
  • Lawash flatbreads from American Bakery Products
  • Cookies by Design in W. Bloomfield
For further information, please contact the K-COR.
The K-COR wishes everyone a G’mar Chasima Tova.

Check Out 7-11 Stores with K-COR Certification!

PO Box 204, Brooklyn, NY 11204

March 15, 2016

To whom it may concern,

We have been speaking about Slurpees sold at 7-Eleven stores for several years now on our weekly radio show, “Kashrus On The Air,” over JRoot Radio. Almost every week people call in and ask again. Recently, we did a show dedicated to Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks and 7-Eleven. I have been asked by readers to clarify our position in writing, something I cannot do in KASHRUS Magazine because of its broad audience. I am doing that now.
There are 7 reasons why I do not advise buying Slurpees in 7-Eleven stores…

if –

  1. a) the store itself is notunder hashgacha,

and if

  1. b) a neighborhood Vaad Hakashrus has not advised kosher consumers on a specific course of action, as is done in Baltimore, Chicago, etc.


Currently, no 7-Eleven store is kosher-certified in New York City and no kashrus agency here locally has offered any advice on how to handle them.

The Issues

  1. Who certifies the Slurpees? Slurpees are a brand name of the product sold at 7-Eleven stores, but no one kashrus agency certifies the Slurpees. They are produced by various companies and have various hashgachos. Some national kosher agencies have taken the time to “approve” certain ones. It must be remembered that there are non-kosher flavors and dairy flavors too and they are not approved. As far as which flavors are in a given store, only the store owner knows. He/she is usually a non-Jew. So the kashrus of the Slurpees in the store is in the hands of a non-Jew. Even if we somehow trusted him, is this the message that we want our young people to have? By bringing yeshiva boys and girls in buses from day camps for free Slurpees on 7/11 (July 11th), aren’t we teaching them that it is okay to buy food in this store?
  2. Backup. Every flavor Slurpee syrup eventually runs out. The machine automatically switches to draw from another flavor until such time as the attendant realizes it and replaces the flavor, if it is in stock.
  3. There have been mislabeling of flavors.
  4. We have found that some flavors which are dairy were not labeled as such.
  5. 7-Eleven products themselves have been mislabeled.
  6. These stores in our neighborhood carry baked goods with the kosher certification of a Conservative rabbi with no indication on his letter that he is Conservative.
  7. Soda fountain sodas and coffees have their own problems. Once in the store, many avail themselves ofthose services as well.

But the greatest reason to avoid the Slurpees is that our yeshiva children don’t belong frequenting such a store as 7-Eleven, one where you can only buy a few of the things that are being sold. Is this the atmosphere that we want for the future dor of klal yisroel?

In some Yeshivos and Bais Yaakov schools, Slurpees are sometimes given as rewards/treats to the students. Shouldn’t we review such a practice? There certainly are plenty varieties of yiddishe nosh in the marketplace.

While I am at it, does your Yeshiva/Bais Yaakov offer a kashrus segment in the curriculum? We are ready to assist you in planning and executing such a program in any grades from 3rd grade through high school.

I welcome any questions or feedback.

Thank you.

Yours truly

Rabbi Yosef Wikler
Editor, KASHRUS Magazine

Check Out 7-11 Stores with K-COR Certification!

Be aware that a member of our community is “borrowing” large amounts of money from unsuspecting people. To date, he owes tens of thousands of dollars.

Anyone who is approached for a loan should call the Beis Din Tzedek of Detroit (248-559-5005 x106) to determine if he is dealing with this particular individual.

Rabbi Doniel Neustadt
Av Beis Din, Detroit