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CHOMETZ may be purchased immediately after Pesach at the following stores in the Detroit area, except for Dunkin Donuts (10 & Greenfield) where chometz should not be bought until 10:30 PM, due to the Halachic requirement of “bichdei sh’yaasu”.

All K-COR certified establishments
Busch’s Fresh Food Market
Dollar Tree Stores
Family Dollar Stores
GFS (Gordon Food Service)
Joe Randazzo’s Fruit Market
One Stop Kosher Market
Plum Market
Rite Aid
Save-A-Lot (11 & Greenfield)
Sam’s Club Warehouse
Superior Kosher Meats
Trader Joe’s
Whole Foods

It is advisable to wait two weeks after Pesach (May 12) before buying “pure” chometz products (e.g., bread, grain cereals, pasta, cookies and pretzels) at Jewish-owned stores that do not observe Pesach, even if they made a Mechiras Chometz before Pesach, due to the possibility that new chometz was received during Pesach. This includes Restaurant Depot, Johnny Pomodoro’s Fresh Market, and Natural Food Patch. It is permitted to purchase most other products immediately after Pesach, including pearled raw barley, dry cake mixes, flour (without malted barley), glue, all kitniyos, ketchup, mayonnaise, medicines, mustard, vinegar, vitamin tablets, baker’s yeast, and yeast extract.
Buying chometz from Kroger and Target in the Detroit area after Pesach involves Halachic uncertainty. Although these stores are owned by non-Jews, there is a possibility that they are supplied by privately-owned Jewish food distributor C&S, and the chometz sold after Pesach may have been in the possession of C&S during Pesach. Since it is difficult to gather precise information, it is commendable to wait two weeks after Pesach (May 12), before buying “pure” chometz items from these stores.

THE FOLLOWING PRODUCTS NOT BEARING PESACH CERTIFICATION were for a brief time mistakenly placed in the Pesach section at One Stop Kosher Food Market. Please check every label of your purchases:
• Gefen Roasted Garlic Pasta Sauce
• Mehadrin Vanilla Yogurt – 32 oz.
• Mehadrin Greek Cheese Snack
• Lieber’s Apple Sauce (regular) – 48 oz.
• Lieber’s Apple Sauce – Unsweetened – 46 oz.
• Ta’amti Spanish Eggplant

The K-COR certified “PRE-CHECKED ROMAINE LETTUCE” in 8 oz. containers at One Stop Kosher is not certified for Pesach, due to the proximity of the bakery to the lettuce preparation area. The Pre-Checked Romaine Lettuce that will be available during Chol Hamoed will be certified for Pesach, and will state so on the label. – POS’TIV brand romaine lettuce is certified for Pesach, and will be arriving at One Stop on Thursday, April 18.

PRE-WASHED PACKAGED ICEBERG LETTUCE SALAD and COLESLAW require Pesach approval due to the citric or lactic acid that may be used in the washing process. The following Pesach certified brands are available locally with a P after the Kosher symbol (next to the date code):
• Dole – with OK-P
• Fresh Express – with Star-K-P
• Little Salad Bar (Aldi) – with OK-P
• Kroger brand (Kroger) – with OK-P

SONNY & JOE’S TAHINI DIP: A special Pesach / Kitniyos production of Sonny & Joe’s Tahini Dip was produced for Sefardim, and should bear an OU sticker stating, “approved for those who eat kitniyos on Passover”. Some of these containers were mistakenly labeled with a plain OU-P Kosher for Passover sticker without specifying that the product is kitniyos.

BIANCO AZZURO MOSCATO WINE is labeled with a plain OU and it is not certified for Pesach. Even the bottles that have the letters “OUP” as part of the production code are not certified for Pesach.

NATUREMADE MELATONIN: Pesach Guides, including Star-K / Rabbi Bess lists, indicate that NatureMade Melatonin is chometz free. Please note that this refers only to NatureMade Melatonin swallow tablets. Naturemade also makes a product called “VitaMelts Sleep” Fast Dissolve tablets made with melatonin, which contains chometz and should not be used on Pesach.

BABY / CHILDREN PRODUCTS:. For the convenience of our readers, we list here a summary of some commonly used Baby / Children products approved for Pesach by Rabbi Bess / Star-K:
Advil Infants’ Drops – Dye-Free White Grape
Advil Children’s Suspension – all flavors
Bayer Children’s Aspirin
Motrin Infants’ Drops – Dye-Free Berry
Motrin Children’s Suspension – Bubble Gum
Tylenol Infants’ Oral Suspension – Grape
Tylenol Children’s Suspension – Cherry
Tylenol Children’s Cold + Flu Oral Suspension
Benadryl Children’s Allergy Dye-Free Liquid – Bubble Gum
Benadryl Children’s Allergy Chewables
Miralax Powder

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