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Post-Pesach 5782 Information – Detroit Area

CHOMETZ may be purchased immediately after Pesach at the following stores in the Detroit area, except for Dunkin Donuts (10 & Greenfield) where chometz should not be bought until 10:20 PM, due to the Halachic requirement of  “bichdei sh’yaasu”.


All K-COR establishments



Busch’s Fresh Food Market



Dollar Tree Stores

Family Dollar Stores

GFS (Gordon Food Service)

Joe Randazzo’s Fruit Market

Kroger [Detroit area]

Lincoln Rx Pharmacy



Plum Market

Rite Aid

Sam’s Club

Superior Kosher Meats

Target [Detroit area]

The Grove

Trader Joe’s




Whole Foods

It is advisable to wait two weeks after Pesach (May 8) before buying “pure” chometz products (e.g., bread, grain cereals, pasta, cookies and pretzels) at Jewish-owned stores that do not observe Pesach, even if they made a Mechiras Chometz before Pesach, due to the possibility that new chometz was received during Pesach. This includes Restaurant Depot and Natural Food Patch. It is permitted to purchase most other products immediately after Pesach, including pearled raw barley, dry cake mixes, flour (without malted barley), glue, all kitniyos, ketchup, mayonnaise, medicines, mustard, vinegar, vitamin tablets, baker’s yeast, and yeast extract.

2022-4-13 Pesach Update PDF

PACKAGES OF THE FOLLOWING PRODUCTS WITHOUT PESACH MARKING were mistakenly placed in the Pesach section at The Grove. Check every label of your purchases for Pesach marking:

  • SHUFRA REAL CHOCOLATE CHIPS some non-Pesach bags (“48% Cacao”) may have been mixed with the Pesach-marked bags (“55% Cacao”).


  • DOLE CREAMY COLESLAW KIT mistakenly bears an OK-P symbol on some bags. While the cabbage/salad is approved for Pesach, the enclosed sealed dressing packet is not approved for Pesach.
  • 1800 brand TEQUILA PRODUCTS bear an unauthorized OK-Psymbol on some bottles. This company and its products are not certified by OK Kosher Certification.

YODER’S ORANGE JUICE in 52 oz. bottles with a plain OU, that have the letters KFP in the ink jet code on the bottle below the Best By date, are Kosher for Pesach.

DOLE ANGEL HAIR COLESLAW: On some bags, the P for Pesach is before the date, instead of the usual location next to the OK symbol; these bags are certified for Pesach.


The AM FRESH NORTH AMERICA GRAPEFRUIT currently being sold at Costco locally are produce of Israel, as stated on the plastic bag closures, and as stated on the cases (“Jaffa / Mehadrin – Israel”), and require taking of Terumos and Maaseros. They are not Shemitah produce at this time, and will not be until August 2022.

SNAPPLE FRUIT PUNCH mistakenly bears an OK symbol on some 32 oz. bottles. This product contains grape juice and is not certified Kosher.


                        Remember – check every label for Pesach certification!

                            We wish all our readers a Chag Kosher V’Sameach



2022-4-5 Pesach Update PDF

THE FOLLOWING PRODUCTS were for a brief time mistakenly placed in the Pesach section at The Grove Kosher Market. Please check every label of your purchases:

  • MEHADRIN GREEK CHEESE SNACK is made in both Pesach and non-Pesach versions. Some non-Pesach packages were mistakenly placed in the Pesach section.
  • SEASON SARDINES require an OU-P for Pesach. Some plain OU cans were mistakenly in the Pesach section.
  • LA BONNE SOY SAUCE and LA BONNE TERIYAKI SAUCE with Kitniyos certification were mistakenly in the Pesach section, instead of in the separate Kitniyos section.


  • LIEBER’S WHITE TRUFFLE OIL and LIEBER’S BLACK TRUFFLE OIL mistakenly state Kosher for Pesach; they are not certified for Pesach. This applies also to last year’s product.
  • “SIMPLY POPCORN” POPCORN IN BAGS from New England Pretzel & Popcorn Co. is not an OU certified product. Some bags bear an unauthorized OU-P symbol.
  • SONNY & JOE’S HUMMUS in 30 lb. containers are certified OU Kitniyot. Some containers were mistakenly labeled with an OU-P symbol.
  • SYSCO ALL PURPOSE H&R FLOUR bears an unauthorized OU-P symbol on some 50 lb. bags.

BABY / CHILDREN PRODUCTS:. For the convenience of our readers, we list here a summary of some commonly used Baby / Children products approved for Pesach by Rabbi Bess and Star-K or other reliable sources:

Advil Children’s Junior Strength Coated Tablets

Advil Children’s Suspension – all flavors

Advil Infants’ Drops – Grape

Bayer Children’s Aspirin

Benadryl Children’s Allergy liquid and Dye-Free liquid – all flavors

Benadryl Children’s Allergy chewable tablets – Grape

Kosher-Meds Children’s Ibuprofen Suspension – Berry Flavor – OU

Motrin Children’s Suspension – all flavors

Motrin Infants’ Drops – all flavors

Sudafed PE Children’s Nasal Decongestant – Berry

Sudafed PE Children’s Cold & Cough – Grape

Tylenol Children’s Cold + Cough + Runny Nose liquid

Tylenol Children’s Cold + Cough + Sore Throat liquid

Tylenol Children’s Suspension – all flavors

Tylenol Infants’ Suspension – all flavors 

MiraLax Powder


                    Remember – check every label for Pesach certification!

                    We wish all our readers a Chag Kosher V’Sameach


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